Spyne - An AI based SaaS product For Photographers

Spyne - An AI based SaaS product For Photographers

Ever since Eventila came into existence, its only aim has been to become a De-facto Business Platform for the vendors of Events and Wedding Industry. Whether it’s a photographer or an Event planner, Eventila has proven itself as a number one tool to expand their business and help them manage their clientele with ease. One can say that it is the “Shopify” of the Wedding industry. Vendors can manage their customers, content, leads flow, social media, competition and many more with the help of this amazing tool. It has always focussed on building surface tools and technologies that vendors can use to do hassle-free business.

But what’s a cake without a cherry on top? Well, that’s exactly what Spyne is.

Spyne is a product of Eventila which is one of the fastest-growing Event-based business platforms in Delhi NCR and is working tirelessly to expand its reach all over the world. The fact that all the top photographers from Delhi have already partnered with it, makes the platform even incredible.

Spyne has come out as the backbone of the wedding industry and caters exclusively to businesses and professionals working as Photographers, Event Planners, Designers, Make-up Artists, etc. It helps the professionals in solving day-to-day problems that generally occur in a business. It is loaded with cutting-edge features that help professionals in building themselves as a Brand.


Features of Spyne:


  • Easy to launch a business

With the help of Spyne, one can launch his/her business instantly. It lets you build your own keyword rich website where you can showcase your best of work to customers, globally.


launch your business online


  • Unlimited photos sharing

One can share unlimited photos with the clients through a simple link by using Spyne. This feature helps in easy photo proofing and selection. The best part is that the interface is compatible for desktop as well as mobile.



  • Unlimited Blogs

Publish unlimited high-quality blogs on your website. Spyne also provides you with an expert blogger as a helping hand.



  • Client selection tracking

Spyne lets you track the selections made by clients in real time.


  • A boom in reference business

The personalized Chatbot feature is really a blessing as it makes the interaction with website visitors possible, thus generating stronger reference leads.


  • Strong website SEO

Spyne lets you organize your website’s content using relevant keywords and hashtags. This gives your website an edge while competing with others. The platform provides expert SEO service to help you boost your brand.



  • Hassle-free lead and social media management

Its integrated lead management app feature helps you in tracking the current leads, Chatbot and social media in one place to scale your business.



  • Smart tracking of competitors

Spyne allows you to track, analyze, compare and build a strategy so that you can always stay one step ahead of your competition in every way.



  • Single Dashboard for all your business

Manage and overview your business through one dashboard in order to save your time.



For unlimited photo sharing, 


Eventila has proven itself time and again that it’s the perfect go-to place for professionals in the wedding industry where they can interact with their customers and manage the business in the simplest way possible. Now, its product Spyne is really changing the game for those in the wedding industry who want to establish themselves as a brand.


Written By - Ramnish on 28 Jun, 2019