Social Media Marketing Company In Dubai

Social Media Marketing Company In Dubai

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With the world moving towards digitalization, social media marketing has also become extremely essential to understand and to use. Most of the people are now on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. The majority of the people also depend on social media nowadays for everyday news, product or service reviews, giving feedback and suggestions on how to use a product or a service. With so much going on in the world of social media, brands must shift their focus to social media marketing. Running a campaign on social media has become as important as running it on Television, radio or on newspapers. In fact, these days’ brands are ditching other forms of media and are running marketing campaigns aggressively on social media websites.

Marketing on social media helps to validate the brand and lets people know about their existence. Social media marketing helps to widen the customer base as well as boost sales. Brands have also started to sell products over these social media platforms. They drive their traffic from social media platforms to another medium, that’s how important social media marketing has become. Social media marketing also helps in increasing customer loyalty. With so many advantages and benefits, it’s hard for people as well as brands to stay away from social media websites.


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While every country has a different pace at which they are absorbing the switch from seeing advertisings on T.V to seeing advertisements on the Internet, the U.A.E, however, has seen an immense increment in the number of users that are now active on social media, which resulted in better acceptance of marketing on social media, especially in Dubai. However, a brand or the social media companies in Dubai must be careful about the laws and regulations that need to be followed in order to stay out of trouble and be able to focus on the growth of their respective companies.

A list of don’ts’s has been combined for a social media marketing company in Dubai that you do not make these mistakes and that your likes, shares, subscribers, and followers keep increasing.


1. Do not take pictures and post them on your social media handle without the permission of the person being clicked- While this may be ok to do in some countries, in Dubai, it’s a BIG no. Taking pictures without permission can land you in jail for 6 months at least and you will also have to pay a fine of AED 150,0000.


2. Do not share other’s information with someone else without their permission- Respect the privacy of other people. Disclosing confidential information without permission can cost you a hefty fine and temporary imprisonment as well in Dubai.


3. Refrain from spreading rumours – creating false hype or passing on incorrect information over social media can you land in the court for defamation and you will also pay a large amount as fine


4. Avoid using illegal online channels- Using communication services like audio or video broadcasting without obtaining legal rights can land you in jail for a year and you will have to pay at least AED 250,000


5. Do not post content that is offensive to the community- Posting pictures of videos of “inappropriate” content which hurts the morals and the principles of the society or the community is not permitted over social media.


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Dubai takes social media marketing very seriously and there are several companies in the country that do too, however, the above laws must be respected and it should be kept in mind always, that Dubai has more laws for a cybercrime which a social media marketing company in Dubai must know about. Before launching a campaign they should ensure that they follow the laws and make a campaign that suits the taste of their target audience in Dubai. Good market research and analysis must be done before the launch of a social media marketing campaign to make sure what will work and what will not work to gain better results and boost sales.

Written By - Spynelab on 20 Jun, 2019