Smugmug vs Spyne

In today’s digital era, everyone feels the need to establish an online presence. If you are someone who is involved in the wedding business then there’s pressure on you to cater to your customers and provide better facilities. In order to help you in doing that, there are many online tools available such as Smugmug and Spyne. These tools generally offer you a way to make your own website and build a business for yourself. But the challenging part is to choose the one that is more convenient for you and gives you better choices. 

Usually, they offer free services and as your business grows, you can opt for paid options that usually provide more features. If we talk about Smugmug vs Spyne, then one should know about all the features they offer along with their pros and cons.

Without prior knowledge, confusions are bound to arise leading to poor decision making. As a photographer, event planner, or business in the wedding industry, there is little to no room for mistakes. So, in order to avoid such situations and help you run your business smoothly, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Smugmug vs Spyne and which one will give you better services in the long run. 




Smugmug has a reputation of being one of the best tools for photographers to showcase their work to the customers and sell it with ease. It is loaded with features which only increase the overall convenience for the user. Their interface is mobile-friendly and one can easily create as well as manage the clients’ gallery. Smugmug’s online presence makes it a popular tool for those modern photographers who want to put their work out there for the audience to see. The tool can be accessed for free and to access more features, one can always upgrade to a better plan. 




1. Create your own customizable website.

2. Ability to upload unlimited photos and videos.

3. 21+ premade template designs to choose from.

4. A very responsive design that adapts to tablets, mobile and desktops.

5. Easy organization of bulk images with the drag n drop feature.

6. Easy sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

7. With cloud storage, access anytime and anywhere.

8. Ability to make gallery, folder or page private.

9. SEO optimization of your website.



Spyne has come out as the backbone of the wedding industry. It works as a one-stop solution for all your business-related problems. Also, it lets you manage your business as well as expand it. With Spyne, professionals can establish themselves as a brand. Its main motive is to let you perform your business with as much ease as possible. Spyne is loaded with features that can help a professional in dealing with the customers without any physical barriers. Whether it is sharing images with the customers or managing a website, Spyne helps a professional in every step. With Spyne, you won’t have to worry about small problems that occur frequently as the tool handles them for you. This way you can focus on important things in your life.


1. Unlimited photos sharing as well as selecting for clients with the help of a link.

2. Build a website which is keywords rich and showcases your best work.

3. Personalized Chatbot for visitor interaction on your website.

4. Compatible with both desktop and mobile.

5. Easy tracking of clients’ selection.

6. Helps in generating stronger reference leads.

7. Social Media management for faster scaling of the business

8. Stronger SEO support and usage of relevant keywords and hashtags

9. Unlimited blogging and high-quality log support by expert Spyne bloggers

10. A lead management app to track Chatbot and current leads without hassle.

11. Saves a tremendous amount of time with a single dashboard option and many more features.



Smugmug Vs Spyne




When it comes to Smugmug vs Spyne, it is really hard to predict the winner because of the close fight they give to each other. There’s no denying the fact that Smugmug lives up to the expectations of delivering to the customers and making the overall business easy. There’s unlimited storage, security, custom watermark, gallery sharing, custom domain mapping and many more exciting features. But the fact that it lacks chatbot, 24/7 WhatsApp support, and cover photo template like many other online tools available, makes Spyne a far better choice. 


Both of these tools come with optimum quality features and full control to the photographer. Also, the transparency in their features is really commendable as it makes the portfolio making and selling the work to customers- hassle-free. But in this case, the additional features of Spyne actually give it the upper hand when compared with Smugmug. Even though both are equally reliable, Spyne shows better results due to its customer support service and its amazing ability to provide you with a site map and other useful features that can help in tracking the growth of a business. In a nutshell, Spyne would be a far better choice if we do a Smugmug vs Spyne comparison. 

Written By - Ramnish on 05 Jul, 2019
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