Share Unlimited Photos with Spyne | Smugmug Alternative

Share Unlimited Photos with Spyne | Smugmug Alternative

Do you frequently have to share photos with the clients but the long waiting time for client’ selection and payment delay troubling you? What if we said you can fast-forward all of it and serve more customers simultaneously?

 After talking to hundreds of top photographers and creative professionals working in the industry, we came to know about the day-to-day problems faced by them from marketing to lead generation. So, we decided to come up with a product that could solve those problems faced by those professionals. That’s when we introduced Spyne.

Now you must be thinking that there is already a platform such as Smugmug available that helps photographers in sharing photos with the clients so how is Spyne any different. Moreover, there are many other platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive to name a few, available for easy sharing.


Before comparing Spyne with the other platforms, let us dive deep into its features.


1. Photo-Sharing and Selection

Professionals such as photographers click anywhere from 1000 – 5000 photos during a single event and maybe even more. Now, the real struggle starts during the sharing process. The primitive technique of photo-sharing involves DVDs and Pen drives, whereas the recent trends involve cloud sharing techniques such as Dropbox and Google drive.

Problems with these cloud sharing tools:

- Transferring thousands of photos into a pen drive takes an eternity. And cloud sharing might look like an easy option but it only makes the future work hard when you have to track clients’ selection.


- Coming to clients’ selection. We all know that it can take anywhere from weeks to months for the client to make the selection of photos for the final album. This not only delays the production of the final album but also slows down the business of a photographer. A client pays 80% of fee before the event and the rest 20% after the processing of final album. But sharing and selection eat up so much time that almost 50% of photographers’ projects within a year remain unfinished.


- The key problem with photo-sharing using sloppy tools is the lack of branding. When you share photos with the clients, and they share those photos further with friends and family, your business does not get exposure. Whether it is through a CD or Google Drive, sharing photos becomes inefficient in terms of business growth as people only get to see the photos and not the brand working behind them.


To solve these problems, Spyne’s inventory offers SpyneShare which aims towards solving all these problems while providing a smooth photo-sharing and selection experience. With SpyneShare, photographers can share thousands of photos with the clients within minutes through an email link. The best part is that the clients’ selections can be tracked in real-time. This makes the delivery of final-album easy. From months to just a few hours, SpyneShare saves a lot of time and effort.

2. Face RecognitionA bonus feature of photo-sharing

While covering an event, photographers are constantly approached by people asking for photos. Now, this opens up the opportunity for making references and roping in potential customers. But all of it goes in vain when the photos of that particular person get lost in the pool of thousands of photos.

Also, many clients choose not to send all the photos from the event to the attendees which makes the work equally hard for them.

Now, Spyne’s Face Recognition works in a way that you can create personalized galleries by clicking on a face. Once you upload all the photos on Spyne, it will instantly show all the faces from the gallery for you to label. This makes the clients’ work easy and for the photographer, it can help in generating references. Make personalized galleries that are accompanied by Chatbot (which we will come to in the next point) and send with a link through email.


3. Personalized Communication Feature for Reference Building

Chatbot, Smugmug alternative, Spyne

Just having a website is not enough. It is important that your website communicates your business and compel the visitors to take action. Sometimes when a potential customer comes to your website but doesn’t know what to do or how to initiate, the chances conversion become low. Spyne not only offers a portfolio website but it also gives that website a personalized Call-to-action feature in a form of Chatbot.

The chatbot is basically a tool that speaks on your behalf, compels the visitor of your website to put forward his/her demands from your business or service. It is fully customizable and helps you generate continuous leads. Moreover, it allows you to live chat with visitors.

The fact that personalized Chatbot is designed to bring in business inquiries and customers, makes it highly effective and reliable.

As mentioned in the previous point, Chatbot even appears in the shared gallery which promotes the conversion rate and helps in building constant reference. This way you won’t have to depend on the client to refer your business to friend or family who might approach you in need. And it’s a not-so-hidden fact of the industry that the best of customers come from referrals.


4. Single Dashboard for the entire business

Single Dashborad, Smugmug Alternative

When you’re working on growing your business, lack of systematic approach towards monitoring every single detail becomes hard. Miss out on one thing and you start seeing the damages.

Well, Spyne has solved that one too.

SpynePro provides a single dashboard where you can have an overview of your business. You can post unlimited blogs, track Chatbot, monitor leads, and keep an eye on social media of competitors to remain one step ahead of them. Almost every aspect of your online business can be managed through Spyne’s Dashboard.


5. Review Collection

Most of the professionals working in the creative industry face the problem of review collection. It is estimated that only 3% of a photographer’s project receive feedbacks. Feedback is one of the key driving force of a business as it promotes potential customers to use your service.

But with Spyne, reviews become compulsory as each photo or gallery share, demands for review as the final step of download. This means that whenever a customer downloads your work, he/she has to give reviews that you can choose to publish or not publish on your website. This way, you can ensure 100% review collection.

There’s more!

Spyne comes with a bunch of amazing features that help your business in achieving that place in the market from where the competition looks too far behind. And that’s not at all just talk. Apart from SpyneShare, Spyne offers two more product featuring Spyne Pro and Enterprise.

Spynepro, Smugmug alternatives


Enterprise, on the other hand, offers everything from Spyne Pro along with dedicated Ad support and few other options.

This brings us to the point where we can compare Spyne with other photo-sharing platforms. The key take-away from everything that has been mentioned above is Spyne’s ability to perform branding and growth of your business. From AI-driven photo-sharing feature to a personalized communication network (Chatbot), every feature of Spyne works towards building better references, generating leads, establishing the brand and beating the competition.

This feature comparison will give you a more elaborate idea of how Spyne is a Smugmug alternative.




The above feature comparison will give you a pretty good idea of how Spyne can be considered for business growth and management. It offers everything that you need to establish yourself as a brand. It's 2019 and a high time to catch up with the changing marketing trends.

For more details about Spyne, feel free to directly reach our experts on 011-66104020.


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Written By - Ramnish on 20 Aug, 2019