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Why eCommerce Photography Is Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth?

Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth

When it comes to skincare products, it becomes challenging for new and upcoming brands to convince their target audience to choose them over the brand they already use. And this is simply a matter of trust. We all use skincare products from the brands and manufacturers we trust. Hence, as a skincare brand, you need to establish trust between you and your audience. And 'establishing trust' is only one of the things that getting Professional Product Photography can help you with.  

7 Reasons Why Your Skincare Brand Needs Professional Product Images

We here at Spyne have compiled a list for you to understand the significance of getting a proper eCommerce Photoshoot to build your brand from the ground up. Hence, here are seven reasons why you need to hire a professional photography house for your eCommerce product shoot. 

1. They Help You Establish A Unique Brand Identity

Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth

As we said, people usually do not like to buy from brands that lack a unique image or identity. So, as a new skincare brand in the market, you need good photos and videos to represent your brand's vision that will further help you to establish a reliable brand image in the market.  

2. They Easily Grab Viewer's Attention

Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth

Between a professional and an average in-house eCommerce image, the professional one will always be able to get a lot more attention. These images are clearer, brighter, and to be brief, better in every aspect. And this is because professional photography houses do thousands of these shoots and they always know what will get your brand that attention that it deserves.  

3. Quality Images = Quality Products

Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth

It's a psychological fact that seeing good quality images leads the viewer to believe that the product in reality will also be of good quality. Hence, with a small investment, you can control how your audience perceives you as a brand.

4. You Get Great Visuals For Marketing, As Well As Branding

Essential For Skincare Brand's Growth

Once you get a professional eCommerce shoot, you have a whole drive full of images that you can use for various other purposes like branding, marketing, communication and even social media postings. 

5. They Help You Stay Relevant For Longer

Getting an inhouse shoot for your products might not make you stand out among your competitors. But a professional shoot definitely does. And not only that, but it can also help you stay relevant for a longer time as compared to other brands. 

6. People Choose To See Images Over Written Texts

Human brains are wired in such a way that no matter how well the text is written, we always give our attention to the product image first. So rather than working on your written content, you should work on your brand's visuals, as they are responsible for bringing potential customers to you. 

7. Getting Visuals Becomes A Lot More Convenient

For this, let's compare an inhouse shoot and an outsourced shoot done by a professional firm from a brand's point of view. For an inhouse shoot, first, you will have to set up a proper photography station, which requires not only resources but also a lot of time. And once that's out of the way, you need to get a photographer for your shoot. And once that is done, you'll also need an image editor to post-process all the images and give them a final touch. On the other hand, by hiring a professional photography firm, all you need to do is contact them, coordinate the shoot, and wait for the delivery of your images. And if you decide to choose us, as your professional photography providers, you might not even have to wait for your photos. Since we at Spyne provide lightning-fast deliveries when compared to other photography houses. 

Why Choose Us?

We here at Spyne are one of the finest on-demand photography studios that you could find. During our time in the industry, we have done countless product shoots for some of the biggest brands in the country like PP Jewellers, Grofers, BigBasket, Dixcy and Many More

And we not only have an impressive clientele, but we also have a strong technical back end that enables us to always have an edge over our competitors in terms of providing some of the best and most convenient product shoots to our clients. 

So, if you decide to partner with us to get stunning product images, then we would love to provide you with the Highest Quality Photos & Videos, 30% Lower Costs, 60% Faster Deliveries, 99% Consistent Results with AI Automated Editing and Much More.  

And to further help you with your decision, here is a sneak peek of our recent Skincare Product Photography. 

Skincare Products That We Recently Shot

Hand Creams

Lip Balms

Massage Creams

Body Lotions & Moisturisers


Rose Waters


Shower Gels



Gift Sets And More!

So to partner with us and take your skincare brand to new heights, reach out to us at business@spyne.ai and our team will get back to you in no time

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 21 Dec, 2020