How To Shoot & Edit Your Car, Footwear And Grocery Images Using AI Application

How To Shoot & Edit Your Car, Footwear And Grocery Images Using AI Application

We built a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-powered technology that helps businesses, e-commerce brands, car marketplaces and dealerships, etc create stunning product images, that sell 40% faster, 100% automatically.


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If you’re a brand that needs high-quality, powerful visual content to keep your online store updated, then you’d clearly understand the effort that goes into creating product images that stand out and drive conversions. For brands, it is tedious to hire a team of professional photographers, get images edited and wait for more than 48 hours to get the final images processed or worse - creating a CapEx-heavy studio for capturing studio-like images, especially for cars.


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AI-tech To Shoot & Edit

Currently, our technology can be used for three major categories (cars, footwear, grocery), which I’ll be explaining one by one with visual examples. However, we’re also working on building a tech that can help fashion, jewellery, F&B businesses create marketplace-ready images in a few clicks.

1. Cars

To understand how crucial vehicle images can be for a dealership or a marketplace, you need to know that ‘about 86% of car buyers research vehicles on the internet before ever stepping foot onto a dealership or store. 

Potential buyers surf the internet at their fingertips to find their ideal car without actually visiting a car showroom. It means, dealerships need to create a macular online presence with high-quality car images and 360-degree car spin videos. 

Get Professional Images Of Your Car in Five Seconds using Spyne Car Background Image Editing Tool.


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Before we discuss anything, let's discuss some of the main challenges that dealerships face for creating high-quality, studio-style car images?

-To create studio-like images, car dealerships need to set up a huge studio where they can capture their cars. 

-Hire professional photographers to shoot car images.

-Spend on post-production, which takes several days or at times weeks to get processed. 

-Spend a lot of time and money on creating an investment-heavy studio, photographers, editors, manpower, and fuel expenses. 


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Many car dealerships set up high-investment studios to get cars shot professionally. However, with SpyneAI Car tech, we help these dealerships get the same quality, studio-like images without actually setting up a physical studio. All they need to do is run their existing car images through our AI and generate custom backgrounds in seconds automatically. Try our free web tool to transform your car images on your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) and give a standard look to your catalog


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In case, you don’t want to transform your existing car listing, you can also shoot your car images (the interesting part is that you don’t need to have photography skills) using SpyneAI and then generate a 3D virtual showroom on your cars. The applications’ smart overlays will help you shoot images from the right angles. 


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Generate 360-degree spin video

Want to elevate consumer experience and drive high conversions? Simply create studio-like 360-degree spin videos of your cars in a click. Spyne ai app automatically creates a 360 video of your car from the images you shot. You can download it with a single click. 


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In case, you want to shoot your car images using the SpyneAI app, here is a step-by-step guide to capture the images you’ve always wanted. 

In case you want to edit your images in bulk like our other clients, we can help you with seamless API integration or your own white-label application. 


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2. Footwear 

According to Forbes’ study, 50% of online buyers say “large, high-quality product images are more important than product information, descriptions or even reviews.”

Also, a study reveals that more than 51% of shoppers prefer online shopping and with COVID19 reducing footfalls to physical stores, that number has only gone up considerably. So in a scenario where such a whopping number of shoppers can’t feel or touch a product they want to purchase, high-quality product images are the last resort for the brands to attract these online buyers and drive conversions. 


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SpyneAI app isn’t just for cars, a large number of e-commerce brands, retailers rely on the SpyneAI app to create professional footwear images that drive sales. 


Get Studio-like Footwear Visuals With Just Your Phone


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Again, with our web tool, you can completely transform your car images or use our app to shoot and edit your images from within the app. The AI-driven app guides you through the shooting process and automatically edits your images according to the marketplace you have chosen in a few minutes. 


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Here’s a step-by-step guide to shoot and create impressive, marketplace-ready footwear images for your brand. Say ta-da to investment-driven photoshoot and time-consuming post-production. 

Besides, if you have hundreds of thousands of footwear SKUs to edit at once, then we can also provide you with our seamless API Integration that can help you edit images in bulk instantly. Replace Your Footwear Background Image with Spyne Shoe Photo Editor


3. Grocery 

We’re still working on grocery and other shoot categories such as fashion, food, jewellery, F&B, etc. However, you can still get our product image editing services for your grocery products with your smartphone using our app and get the images edited according to the marketplace guidelines. 

Our AI technology is up to date with the industry standards and visual content marketplace guidelines. All you need to do is click/upload your grocery images, select the marketplace where you need to upload these images, and let our AI fix your background, margins, and more automatically. 

To explore more about the grocery tech, you can simply go to our Spyne App .


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To understand our AI tech better or know more about our product, you can directly book a demo with us and we’d love to walk you through how our state-of-the-art editing tech can help you scale your business at faster turnarounds!


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We're Expanding

Several leading car marketplaces and brands have collaborated with us to use our technology for creating studio-like car images to scale their business. Get in touch with us, simply reach out to us via email and we’ll make sure, we reach back to your asap! and learn how we can help your business as well. 


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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 12 May, 2021