Best Practices To Sell Food On Instagram In 2020

Best Practices To Sell Food On Instagram In 2020

According to The Independent, on average millennials spend a full 5 days searching food on Instagram every year, and nearly 30% of them say they would avoid an eatery with a weak Instagram presence.


When the video-sharing platform, Youtube came into being, people started to create videos of what they do or love. Similarly, when the photo-sharing app, Instagram, was born its user-base started to grow exponentially, triggering users to post millions of pictures in a day. Instagram not only gave these people a platform to share what they do but also turned them into entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers, touters, etc. 

However, the photosharing platform has given a real boost to the food lovers to share mouth-watering pictures but also have made it easier for hotels, restaurants, and food delivery apps to sell food faster. 

There are several food entrepreneurs and chefs who are using Instagram to flaunt their culinary skills, and in fact, are gaining huge attraction from the users and the followers. 

Food is one of the top trends on the platform with 400 million-plus posts on the #food and over 200 million posts on #foodporn. So, if you want to sell your food on Instagram, there are best practices to follow to get your brand the right traction.

Here are some of the best practices that you must follow to sell your food on Instagram, If you are into any other business, and need full guidance to sell on Instagram, then click here. 

Post high-quality food images

The first step is obviously the profile, which should make a viewer stay longer and browse your few more posts. This only happens when you have stunning food pictures that attract the eyeballs of your viewers, compel them to see the posts, and hit the “heart.” 

Whenever you post on Instagram, keep in mind that to sell your food you need to sell a picture first. Make sure to hire the best professional photographer to get your food photography done and upload the mouth-watering picture to entice your viewers. The first time they may hit the like button, next time, they may ring your bell. 

Don’t forget Instagram is all about images, so post what stands out. Also, use beautiful or funny captions to attract more visitors to your posts. 

If you are low on budget or have just started, you can click pictures using SpyneCliq and get them edited from experts at affordable prices with under 48-hour guaranteed delivery. All you have to do is click the picture with your smartphone and hit the send button to receive edited images in under 48 hours. 

Engage with your followers

When it comes to your followers, interaction is a must. What you do should be worth following. It definitely is a steady process, you can’t be announcing 1 million followers overnight - it takes consistency and a lot of efforts but it is worth it.

There are several ways to keep up with your followers and make the interaction interesting. For instance, you can post questions about food or simply ask opinions from your followers. If you are rolling out a new ice-cream flavor, ask your followers to name it. This way they will be following your activity until the end. 

Another way of keeping followers interested is by holing challenges and give rewards to those who do the best. Ask your followers to click pictures with food and tag your brand. The user who gets more likes on the post wins. You can give winners a free gift card, free meal, or a similar reward. 

Use your rivals to gain more followers

Study the profiles of your competitors thoroughly and make sure to follow what they post on their accounts or stories. If you think you post better or share the same interests - follow, like or comment on their followers’ posts - this way they will follow your account for the relevant posts. 

Make your brand searchable

While posting about your food, make sure to add the right set of hashtags to gain more visibility on the platform. Use the keywords that are relevant to your posts or the food items that you sell. You can simply pick up the best lines, phrases, or just the most popular keywords, which are easily searchable to get more engagement to your posts and eventually the profile visits. 

Maintain consistency

Being consistent is one of the most important things you could ever do on any social media platform. People like to hear from the brands they love or they follow. If you do no activity on your Instagram account people will most likely unfollow your brand from the platform. So, make sure you are consistent.

You can create a weekly or monthly calendar to post on your Instagram account, this way you will know the flow of your content going online and will keep you on the right track.

If you are not sure about it yet or don’t know what to post or how to post. You can always take some inspiration from your competitors. Look for the posts they are doing, see what are the captions and the hashtags they use. It will not only help you keep up your work but also help you get more engagement on your posts. You can also learn to schedule your posts in advance. Use platforms like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule your posts and manage your social accounts from one single platform. 

Don’t forget to use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your audience. Keep your stories updated so that your followers can find your brand on the top of their newsfeed. It will not only help you boost views on your posts but also improve the overall engagement of your Instagram account. 

If you are cooking something or some desserts are fresh or the pizza is hot, make sure to post a picture or a video on your Instagram stories to help your followers find you easily. Stores are a great way to make announcements, give discounts, offers, giveaways, etc.

What you can also do is post a ‘behind the scene’ picture and share it on your story to attract more visitors to your posts. Sharing BTS videos and pictures are great for improving your Instagram presence. It helps your followers to relate with your brand directly and it creates a great impression of your brand on the Instagram users. 

Connet with food bloggers, influencers

To get the right traction to your brand, you can also get in touch with the food bloggers and the top food reviewers to promote your brand. In return, you can offer them some discounts or free meals or do cross-marketing of their brand. By doing this, your brand will be visible to the followers of those influencers, bloggers, or the food reviewers with whom you connect for cross-promotions. 

You can also share the pictures from your followers, like and comment on their posts so that their followers will get to know your brand and start following you and browse your mouth-watering food pictures. 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 02 Sep, 2020