Here's the Secret to Increasing Revenue Per Visitor by 4X

Here's the Secret to Increasing Revenue Per Visitor by 4X

Have you ever thought about why your maximum customers come from references? Why do your potential clients put their trust in the word-of-mouth more than your promising advertising? 

Well, if you ask us, we would say that there’s only one thing and that is trust. When a new customer lands on your business knowing nothing about you but your ads and posters, they start to judge you and evaluate your talent into their heads. But when they come from the reference of a client then there is a high possibility that they already like you and you know they do because they actually show intrust and put forward their expectations as soon as you talk to them. 

This is exactly what we are going to be discussing in today’s article. Multiply the business by 4X with referral business. 


PhotoSharing - A Major Business Tool of Photographer


When it comes down to doing business, a photographer’s job is more than clicking pictures. It’s about sharing the pictures, waiting for the final selection of clients and then most importantly, delivering the album in a short period of time. 

But the photo-sharing part is where the trouble begins. Firstly, you have to find a reliable platform through which you can share unlimited pictures that you have clicked during the event. 

The era of sharing through pen drives is certainly gone as you have to take a follow up on the photos that client has selected along with a long list of photo numbers that you have to find out from the album one by one. Honestly, no photographer wants to go through all this. 

But most importantly, once the album is delivered, you are left on the mercy of the client to get your business referred to potential leads. 

Yes, the establishment of a solid referral plan is what’s needed in the photography industry right now. There are unlimited sharing tools such as Smugmug, google drive, dropbox, cloud sharing, et and none of them give you the ability to increase your referral business. So what can you do in such a case?



Whether it is sharing unlimited photos or videos with the clients within minutes or it is generating high potential leads, SPYNEBIZZ has been proven a reliable platform. Top Indian photographers trust SPYNE for their day-to-day business needs like photo sharing and lead generation. 

SPYNEBIZZ is an all-in-one platform that provides unlimited photos/video sharing to the photographer along with real-time clients’ selection tracking and seamless referral business. With SPYNEBIZZ, your one album share can bring you 2-5% more business with the help of references. 



How Does SPYNEBIZZ reference builder work?

This first in the industry reference builder used by SPYNEBIZZ is more of an interactive platform that helps in capturing the details of those who access the client gallery but also uses the required hooks to convert those soft leads into high-potential leads. 


Here’s how it works:

Firstly, the photographer shares the album with the client with a unique code and username. Due to the ease of the platform’s framework and convenient sharing features, the client can further share the album to their friends, family or other attendees of a specific event.

Those accessing the album have to add their details that become your soft leads and get added to the list of your potential clients. 

The shared album also contains hooks that ask direct questions regarding whether the person wants a similar kind of service for an event. This eventually captures leads with the high conversion rate. 

So, if your album gets shared among 100 people then there’s a possibility that your business takes a jump of 2-5%. This way you can increase your total revenue by sharing a single project. No other photo-sharing platform allows you to generate such a business. With SPYNEBIZZ, you can be a part of the revolution and actually earn profit from the current market trend of the photography industry. 


To summarize, SPYNEBIZZ works in two-layer:



With SPYNEBIZZ, you can multiply your business growth and experience faster photo sharing along with, first in the industry, video sharing feature. 


Review Collection

Another most important thing that contributes towards business growth and brand authenticity is reviews. If you are a photographer then there must be some kind of review of your work from your existing clients that can pave the way for the incoming of more trustworthy clients. 

But the sad part is that it is one of the overlooked factors that costs photographer clients who might have been associated with him. But SPYNEBIZZ has found a way to collect 100% reviews from the clients that not only helps in authenticating your brand but also makes it easy for you to build a strong portfolio website. 


SPYNEBIZZ - 100% Reviews



When the photographer shares the final album with the client, before downloading the pictures, the client has to give reviews on the album. The client cannot proceed without going through this process. This ensures that the photographer captures 100% reviews. Once reviewed, the photographer can choose whether to share them on the website or not. 

This way, the reviews build an authentication that helps in guiding the potential clients and drive them towards your business. The better the reviews, the better the business. 

If you are looking for the secret to increasing revenue per visitor by 4X then you must try SPYNEBIZZ. It’s a platform that will make a simple task of photo-sharing into a lead generation tactic. 


To know more about SPYNEBIZZ and increased reference business, contact us at or call our expert team at 011-66104020. 

Written By - Ramnish on 24 Feb, 2020