Best Salon Photoshoot Ideas For Amazing Photos

Best Salon Photoshoot Ideas For Amazing Photos

Whether you are a makeup artist, hairstylist or nail artist, you have to show your business with good quality pictures at all costs. Your online presence and your social media highly depend on the kind of pictures you click.

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Think about it this way. Your social media followers are your potential customers. Your posts should be convincing enough to bring them to your salon. This is the reason why so many makeup artists and similar business owners are having a salon photoshoot.

The best part about having a photoshoot is that those professional salon photos can be used for marketing purposes as well. You can use those photos on your social media, website, advertisements, etc.


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So if you are posting below-average photos on your Instagram every day, it will just do more harm to your business. You must have noticed that social media is flooded with super adorable salon pictures showing off make-up, hairstyle, etc. Well, that's the game. There are so many of your competitors out there that you have to find a way to come out as the best among them.

Salon Photoshoots are the best way to do that. By having a salon photoshoot, you basically help your customers in deciding whether to choose your business or not. This is the reason why those running a salon, always shoot multiple and the most creative shots to display. This not only covers the things they do in a salon but it also attracts the attention of viewers.

Even if a person doesn't want to go to a salon but if he likes your social media presence, there are some chances that he will recommend your business to his friend or family.


Why have a Salon Photoshoot?


We just gave you an overview of how salon photography makes you and your business stand out. But the question remains the same. Why have a Salon Photoshoot?

There are more than a few reasons why you should have a salon photoshoot. Whether its a professional purpose or a personal one, Salon Photoshoots are an amazing way to sell your brand. So here are a few reasons why you should have a salon photoshoot.

1. Quality posts for Social Media

One of the most important reasons why you should have a salon photoshoot is that it gives you quality postings for social media. Whether you want to increase your followers or want your existing followers to engage more in your business, you have to up your post quality.


2. Improve your marketing game

If you want to expand your business reach, you have to take the help of marketing. For marketing, you must be having a goal of bringing customers to your salon. To achieve that goal, there are a number of digital marketing tools you can use. One of those tools in advertising. If you want to advertise your salon, you have to put up photos that can attract the attention of your potential customers.


3. Customer Convenience

When a customer looks for a salon online, he/she checks out how the place looks from inside or who works there. If the pictures are good as well as creative, the chances of you getting a customer increase exponentially.


5 Best Salon Photoshoot Ideas

Now that you know why you should take salon photos for your business, here are some photoshoot ideas you can keep in mind. These are not the standard guidelines but more like general things that can help you run your salon photoshoot smoothly.


1. Capture the Salon Aesthetics


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One of the easiest ways to begin your salon photoshoot is by capturing the salon and its aesthetics. Find the corners and areas in your salon that look aesthetically appealing. Good shots of interior never fail to appeal to potential customers. Salons are often judged based on looks. Apart from the fact that the artist working there is skilled, people often keep in mind how the place looks and what kind of vibe there is. Good quality photos can easily help them in determining what kind of salon you have and if they should visit it or not.


2. Capture the Employees



Salons are often a fun workplace where the employees get to talk to so many people every single day. So it is pretty obvious that the potential customers would prefer a friendly staff. So, your photos need to look welcoming. This is why you must shoot your employees as well. You can try out group pictures or portraits. Make sure that the employees keep a smile on their face so that the pictures can look welcoming. Moreover, for your salon photoshoot, you can also add your existing customers. Shoot your employees with the clients. You can get creative with it and try out different poses.


3. Shots in Action

For your salon photoshoot, you can capture your employees while they are working. This comes under more of a professional photoshoot where the potential customer sees how the work is done in your salon. Action shots can also be used for your marketing needs as such pictures are often required for banner ads, and blogging. So keep your cameras ready when a customer is being served and capture the actions for most professional salon photoshoot.


4. Before and After Shots


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Do you know what sells on the Internet? Before and After images. One of the things that will increase your chances of getting customers is your results. What kind of work you do? How are your results? What kind of art you do (hairstyles, nail art, etc)? These questions get answered by before and after photos. If you want to show your potential customers your work and bring them to your salon, click some before and after pictures of your clients. Just make sure that every small detail is being captured.


Do Salon Photoshoot Yourself

Usually, people hire professional photographers to do salon photoshoot or any other business photoshoot. But if you want to keep this an inside activity and do it yourself then go ahead. You don't need a professional degree in camera handling or a thousand dollar camera to fulfill the task.

You can easily prepare for your salon photoshoot and do it yourself with ease. For your salon photoshoot, you will only need a few things.


1. Prepare a list of shots

You can start by creating a list of shots that you will be taking. Making the list counts as the first step towards having a salon photoshoot and makes your work so much easy.


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Once you have the list of shots, make sure that you have the right set up to execute that. So, take your time and come up with an achievable list of things that you can capture.


2. The right camera

You must be thinking that you should own a professional thousand-dollar camera to capture the best salon pictures. But that's not the case. You can use a regular DSLR to do your salon photoshoot.


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Why a DSLR? Well, a DSLR gives you better control over your shot and more settings to choose from. Moreover, the quality of pictures clicked from a DSLR is amazing as far as the lighting is good. This brings us to our next point.


3. The Lighting

The right lighting is the most crucial part of photography. So, if you are doing a salon photoshoot, you can not ignore the lighting aspect. Good lighting and a bad camera are still fine but bad lighting and a good camera will not give you the desired results.

You can get artificial light such as a ring light or external flashlight to do the job right.


4. Right Location

In order to do the photoshoot right, find the best location in your salon. Location for your photoshoot matters as a good location enhances the appeal of a photo. You can make the right choice by choosing a place where there's ample natural light. It's better if there's a window nearby.


5. Edit your Photos

To give your pictures a final touch, make sure that you edit them. Editing your photos helps in making fine adjustments and refining the image so that it can be used for any desired purposes. You can use Canva for editing photos as it is free and provides a number of different features that can help you make the right kind of adjustments that your photo needs.


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If you are looking forward to having a salon photoshoot then you can take reference from the salon photoshoot ideas mentioned above. The best part about doing a salon photoshoot is that you get to have so much fun and bond with the workers. A photoshoot is not just a chance to get good quality pictures for your marketing needs but it also helps you in growing your business for the better.

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Written By - Ramnish on 07 Dec, 2019