Why Do You Need To Remove Background From E-Commerce Product Images

Why Do You Need To Remove Background From E-commerce Product Images

Visual content plays an important role in almost every industry. However, when it comes to shopping, it is just the visual content that helps brands to convince potential consumers to make a purchase. These businesses constantly endeavour to create an unforgettable image of their brand using visually appealing product images. And about 75% of online shoppers believe that high-quality product images have a lasting impact on the decisions they make. Whether it is adding a product to the cart or proceeding for the checkout.

When it comes to product images, they are regarded as the gateway to drive conversion. While doing product photography, you must ensure to give attention to detail. Every element of a picture plays a pivotal role in attracting the client’s attention. What makes a significant change is the background of that product image.

Every product needs to fit on a different backdrop, which boosts the popularity and beauty of the product. While textured backdrops are mostly preferred for food, plain, white, and clean are preferred for e-commerce products such as footwear, apparel, fashion, and accessories, etc.

If you are into e-commerce and want to know the reasons why you should prefer removing the background of your e-commerce product images, then this blog is for you. 

What is background removal?

In simple terms, when a photographer captures images of a product, he does so by using a plain background or some props to make the image look aesthetic. To remove all the unwanted objects or erase all the objects that were shot alongside the subjects, the background removal technique is used. 

It’s is a post-production technique that helps you to make your product look clean and aesthetic, which becomes the main focal point in the image.

Here is why you should remove background from e-commerce product images:

All eyes on the product

When you remove background from a product image, the subject becomes the main focus of the image. It attracts the eyeballs of a customer without any distractions. Using other objects such as props in the product image may divert the attention of a potential customer but using background removal, you can make him focus on just the product, which eventually drives him to make a purchase.


When you remove the background from an image, it is replaced with an aesthetically pleasing, pain background that enhances the focal point of the image. Most of the e-commerce brands prefer to use plain colours such as white or grey across the product range - allowing customers to focus on just one thing. 

Ensures consistency

When you see a brand using a particular set of colours across its product range, you would acknowledge the brand's consistency. Maybe, the next time you see those colours, you will easily guess the brand that uses them consistently. Most of the e-commerce brands like to remove background from product images and keep one simple background across the product to make the catalogue look neutral and easy-to-look at for the customer. Using different colours on products can make it difficult for customers to look at different in a go.

So, removing the background and using a white backdrop can enable them to have a look at various products at a time. SpyneTouch, an AI-based image editing product, allows you to remove background from your e-commerce product images in a few seconds. 

Fits the marketplace guidelines

If you have ever purchased a product from Amazon, you must have noticed that all most all the products listed on the marketplace have a single background - white. However, there are lifestyle images also that help you image the usage of the product in the real life but when you look at Amazon’s product listings, you will see all the sellers across the categories are using a white background. Similarly, other brands such as Myntra, Flipkart, etc also prefer to use a single backdrop. 


So, if you have products captured in some other background and you want to list them on these marketplaces, you don’t have to re-shoot, all you need to do is remove the background of the product images and replace them with plain white background. SpyneTouch has multiple marketplace support for image editing and background removal. If you want to get images edited in a go, use AI-based image editing products to make your work easy and faster.


Image editing is a hectic process, which takes a lot of time for manual editors to do the job - eventually forcing them to charge huge bucks from the clients. However, thanks to AI image editing products that allow you to get images editing in a flash and remove background in seconds. With less human effort, the cost of editing becomes economical for any brand. It also saves a lot of time for businesses in getting images edited in minutes.   

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 11 Sep, 2020