6 Reasons why your Photography Business is not growing

6 Reasons why your Photography Business is not growing

       Being a photographer in today’s era comes with a lot of challenges. It is estimated that more than 80% of photography business fail while 60% of photographers give up their businesses. This leaves the room for a very little percentage of photographers who actually see their business grow and flourish. Since you’re here, we assume you’re a photographer and want to grow your business. There might be a few reasons why your business hasn’t already grown or reached its full potential. So here are 6 reasons why your photography business isn’t growing.


1. Your business is lacking Google Presence


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 Creating a portfolio and showcasing your work to the customers is an important aspect of being a commercial photographer. This can be done with the help of a good website which can provide your work with exposure. A website increases your online visibility when relevant keywords and hashtags are used thus helping with google ranking. So, if you are still operating offline then there are chances that your business might not grow to its full potential. A stable website not only establishes a business but also help you as a photographer to become a brand.


2. Sloppy photo sharing tools


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 When it comes to the growth of the photography business, your delivery matters a lot. For example, if you like a dress from a website and after ordering it, the website delivers it after months, you’d definitely get turned off by it and maybe won’t even consider shopping from it next time. This is the same with the photography business. If you are delivering photos to your clients on time then this results in a happy and loyal customer base.


3. Lack of Branding


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 Branding is another aspect that can make or break your photography business’s growth. If your business turns into a brand, the possibility of its growth increases. But if there’s no branding then the market can become a brutal place for you to survive. Branding is usually done when your business gets more exposure than the product itself. It is more or less like standing out from the crowd.

The perfect example of this is when you share photos using tools such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and Google Drive, etc. In such cases, when you share the link of photos with the client, and the client shares it further with friends and family, they only get to see the product and not your brand. This leads your business into missing out on great opportunities to do the branding of the product.


4. Social Media Mismanagement


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 Social media presence is the reason behind the success of most freelance photographer and commercial photographers. Social media is a great place to scale your business as well as know what other successful businesses are doing to retain their top positions. Now, if you are also lacking in the social media front then maybe now is the time to sign up for that Instagram account that you’ve been delaying for months. Social Media can have a huge impact on your business as it attracts a wide range of customers. It is also a great place for brand building. Moreover, tracking your competitor’s social media lets you create strategies so that you can stay one step ahead of them in every way.


5. Poor references


 Being in the photography business teaches you one thing that the reference from current clients always brings in the best customers. But relying on current clients for references leaves the room for unpredictability and uncertainty. You have to wait for your client to refer your business to a family member or friend. That’s why you have to have a tool or source from where you can generate continuous references.


6. Lack of Testimonials and Feedbacks


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 Testimonials are one of the most fool-proof ways to grow your business. Customers usually come to you for a service when they see the feedback of other happy customers. If they find negative reviews or no reviews at all, it can decrease your business’s authenticity in the customer’s eyes and they give you less priority. So, testimonials of happy clients and feedbacks play a very important role in growing a photography business.


Is there any solution?

Yes, there is one.


Spyne - a product by Eventila – is a one-step solution to all your photography business-related problems. It is specially designed to help photographers in expanding their business and establish themselves as a brand. Whether it is sharing thousands of photos with the clients within a short period of time or bringing in strong leads, Spyne can become the perfect companion to your photography business.


To boost your business with Spyne and make use of its various marketing tools 


Some features of Spyne that can help grow your business


> Instant website creation


 Your own photography business website is just a click away with Spyne. The website allows you to upload unlimited photos, videos, and blogs. Moreover, the website is keyword and hashtag rich which will only make the search engine optimization (SEO) stronger.


> Share unlimited photos and track selection


 With Spyne, you can share thousands of photos with the clients through a link. So, you can ditch those pen drives and hard drives and move towards a more digital and secure approach that Spyne has to offer you. The best part is that you can track the selection of clients in real-time.


> Amazing Branding


 There’s one reason not to use Dropbox and Google Photos anymore because with Spyne you get to do the branding of your photography business whenever the client shares the link of photos with their friends and family. Sharing the link will not just show them the photos but also your brand behind it. Your custom watermark and website’s backlink will make it easier for the customers to recognize you as a brand.


> Social Media tracking


 Spyne is an amazing social media management tools which help you track all your and your competitors’ social media activities in one place. Growth of followers and growth of posts, everything that you need to know to create new strategies will be available to your on a single dashboard. This way, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.


> Chatbot and References


 Another great feature that will help you grow your photography business is personalized Chatbot. Whenever a client will visit your website, he/she will see a personalized Chatbot. That Chatbot feature will help you in generating leads and references.


> Feedback


 The final problem that Spyne solves is the one regarding feedback. Only 2-3% of people give feedback on an average. With Spyne, feedback becomes 100% necessary, making it 100% successful. So, the net time someone buys from your website or downloads a photo, he or she will have to fill a feedback form which you can choose to publish or not publish.








Written By - Ramnish on 16 Jul, 2019