4 Reasons to Work With a Creative Team

Reasons to Work With a Creative Team

What does a creative team do? A creative team is a group of people who generates ideas and also make sure that those ideas come into being. And how are the ideas executed? A lot of passion, hard work and dedication of the team members goes into this. The delegation of your tasks is always a great idea.

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But the greater idea is to work with your own in-house creative team. Of course, you can always outsource the work from freelancers and creative agencies. But will it be as worth as having your own amazing and talented team? We will get to the answer in a bit. Here are some reasons why you should work with a creative team.


1. Teamwork pays off

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There are a lot of reasons why your own creative team can get you much better results than the freelancers or any other creative agency. For example, there is an ongoing shoot for an editorial going on and the freelancer hairstylist you hired for the day fails to show up. The cameraman and all the other people involved in the shoot are just hired for that day. In this scenario, the shoot must happen without fail. Also, to arrange a hairstylist can be a hard task.

On the other hand, if you would have had your own creative team, your makeup artist would have happily taken up the task or the other team members must have arranged somebody. Having your own team makes a lot of difference. A team works together and gets the thing done. Also, the purposes of each team member are different but the main goal is the same. Hence, the teamwork always pays off if the team members work passionately towards achieving the same goal.


2. Fresh Ideas are always around the Corner

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Having your own creative team constantly means having talented and creative people around. After a certain point, your team becomes your family. If you are really compatible with your team and if you and your team have already developed a way to work together and you work best with them, there is nothing better that could happen. It’s cheaper and a better option. Your team members will be familiar with your style and that will help them to work accordingly. They will be more dedicated to the brand. 


3. You can Achieve Perfection

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Who doesn't want perfection? With an in-house creative team, you can at least aim for perfection. A creative team will help you focus on long term goals rather than always fretting about fulfilling short term tasks and assignments. Their familiarity with the brand and clients will help them complete all the short term tasks efficiently.

This will help you to prioritize other things. They will be quicker and efficient in all the tasks. For example, your usual set designer would have already discussed the theme with you so this will definitely save time. So, the small perfect details or the right timing helps you aim for perfection and your team helps you achieve it.


4. You will always get through a difficult situation

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An in-house creative team is familiar with all the clients and the way things happen. So this experience really comes in handy when things go wrong. A lot of planning goes into a shoot, it doesn't matter if it’s for an editorial or an advertisement. The theme of the set, styling of the model and the outfits, all these things matter a lot.

So, it is very important that you get all the details right. But it is not a shocker when things go wrong. The important thing is how such situations are tackled. A creative team will be better at solving such problems efficiently than freelancers. So, your own team will help you get out of a difficult situation. All in all, they got your back.

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These were some reasons why you should work with a creative team. You must hire talented people who can match up with your vision and work towards it with dedication. Your team will always be up for experimenting. Also, they will provide you with timely and efficient solutions when things go wrong. Make sure to motivate them and don’t forget to give them feedback. 


Written By - Lisha Dawar on 06 Aug, 2019