Ramp up your referal revenue: Upsell with Photo-sharing tool

Ramp up your referal revenue: Upsell with Photo-sharing tool

For photographers, regular lead generation has always been a question unanswered. As, let's face the facts, paying hue money to advertisers and wedding portals every year, has become really difficult especially in this Covid-19 times. People are afraid to invest in expensive projects as the returns are not 100% promised and the investment has to be paid in advance. On the other hand, reference business generation is also a long-time dream because of its uncertainty. So, what option they are left with?

For a minute, let's make you forget all this and introduce you to an undiscovered process of lead-generation. It is said that Whenever some problem has irritated a large number of people, technology has always entered in between and resolved it. The same is the case with the photography industry. The tech-product that can help you gain regular reference leads with minimal budgets - SpyneShare. Uniquely designed products, especially for photographers by the photography experts. It's unique features enable you to grow your business while you share the pictures with your clients because it is 


1. Easy to use - 
You know your clients are happy when they are getting their pictures on time and the process is simple. With SpyneShare, you can share your clicks via a link and they can easily download it and share it with their group. With regular pop-up ad features, they can reach you directly and book you for their special occasions. 

2. Ease of downloading and uploading.
Needless to say that downloading and uploading on Google Drive or on any platform is so difficult. On the other hand, Spyne lets you upload high-resolution images in no time, and downloading time is something that we want you to explore and experience speed.

3. Ease of sharing further and image quality.
You have to agree with us that whenever we share pictures on any CD, pen drive, or Drive for that matter, sharing further is a nightmare because of permissions, loss of data threats whereas on Spyne all your projects are shared via a link that is password protected and quality assured.

4. Ease of tracking and Generating Leads.
Who is watching your projects and are they your potential future client? We are sure they are!!!! That's why we have developed Spyne that lets you track who is watching your content and they can also book you for the future. So, just don't share pictures, generate leads too on the way.


Now, that's a technology hand you need to upscale your business and grow it effectively. Sign up here to get an absolutely free demo of this product. 

Written By - Tanya Vij on 17 Jul, 2020