How To Prepare Business For Post Coronavirus Bounce-Back Surge

How To Prepare Your Business For Post Coronavirus Bounce-Back Surge

Social distancing, telemedicine, quarantine are new words that we had to add to our vocabulary after COVID19 swept the whole world - leaving businesses and the world economy at the brink. 

Not just you, every business in the world stands affected due to the spread of this virus. However, as businesses prepare for the post-COVID era, we’ll tell you some of the best practices to prepare your business for the bounce-back surge. 

Go Digital

Top marketers in the industry believe that to survive such pandemics in the future, businesses must make their brands resilient enough to work in crisis situations. And for sellers, e-commerce is the place to be. Marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart are helping small businesses, retailers, and Kirana shops in going online to decrease the damage caused by the lockdown. So, make sure that you have an online presence so that consumers can find you easily.

Going digital can be achieved by several means. We will discuss the most important ones that will benefit your business.

Registering on marketplaces

Most of the small sellers prefer to leverage the retail giants like Amazon, Shopify, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc to cater to a large number of customers. Listing your product inventory feed on these e-commerce platforms will not only help you to improve your online visibility but also the overall business growth. 

Get your own website

To create a robust brand presence, you can create your own business website for your brand and start selling your products on your website. Moreover, having a website of your own doesn’t restrict you from listing your products or services on e-commerce websites. Using high-quality visuals of your products can help you boost your conversions by 7x.

Leveraging Social Media

Gone are the days when social media was just for networking. Obviously, you can improve your brand presence by leveraging social media, however, you can also use marketplaces of Facebook and Instagram to sell your products. Using social media creatively and consistently can help you reach millions of customers in a few days. So, focus on creating a robust brand presence on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

List your business on Google My Business

It is a free marketing tool that allows your business searchers to locate you easily. When people search for your business online, if you’re listed on GMB, your business will appear on the search engine results page. It helps your business to be easily discoverable, keeps your customers informed, and boost customer confidence. 

Get Your Shoot Done!

Visuals are the key to higher sales. Keeping in mind that when you want to move online, either by creating your own business website or registering on a marketplace, you will need to shoot your products to list your product inventory feed on the platform. You will be required to get images clicked as per the marketplace requirements or online standards. Spyne is India’s tech-driven photo studio that provides all kinds of shoots to all kinds of businesses as per the marketplace standards. Spyne helps businesses to improve their online presence and website visual content presentation. If you need any help with shoots or website visual content presentation, you can reach out to us here.

Improve Online Visibility

Once you’re digital, you can choose services like SEO for your website. It will help your website rank on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). It is a slow-brewing process to make your website appear on the first page of Google. However, when it ranks, your website will witness a huge amount of organic traffic, making it easier for you to convert the leads. If you want to do it yourself, here’s the ultimate guide to optimizing your website.

Like, I said, conversions can be improved by using high-quality images and videos. 72% of the customers are likely to buy the product after watching the video of the product. High-quality visual content is believed to boost your conversion rate by 50%. Wanna explore high-quality photoshoots and videos? Click here.

Upgrade your remote services

The countries where the lockdown has been lifted completely have witnessed a decrease in foot traffic due to the behavioral change caused by the pandemic. Restaurants in these nations have seen a decrease in in-store consumers, forcing them to offer takeaway meals.

corona virus bounce back

So. this behavioral change in people due to the coronavirus pandemic will lead businesses to consider a proactive approach to meet customer needs and the market demand. Businesses similar to small retailers, cafes, real estate agencies, gyms, etc have faced a tough time. However, such businesses need a pro-active approach like going online, offering online food delivery services, real estate consultancy using video conferencing, or promoting fitness and gyming through Youtube channels. 

And to improve your online customer experience, your online services need a serious upgrade. Improving online presence, website quality and application responsiveness are things to be taken care of immediately.

So, the concluding point is to bring your assets online and improve your brand visibility. If you need help with your brand launch, high-quality images, and videos, you can reach out to us anytime. We are spread across the cities of India. Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, OYO, Yatra, BigBasket, including SMBs are our top clients among many others. Click here to explore. 
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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 10 Jun, 2020