The PinkTint Store Collaborates with Spyne For Concept Shoots

The PinkTint Store Collaborates with Spyne For Concept Shoots

Spyne, an AI-driven company that helps photographers with visual content management and businesses in fulfilling their visual content needs, has collaborated with online lifestyle, women-oriented platform, for all kinds of photoshoots and video requirements. 

Spyne has partnered with The PinkTint Store to fulfill all kinds of visual content needs of their business. From product photoshoots to videos to 360-degree shoots, Spyne also helps them with image processing as per the industry requirements and standards. 

Spyne recently piloted its first few shoots for the brand. A concept shoots that depict the mother-daughter lifestyle collection and intimacy, apparel photoshoots, and young models photoshoots, thoughtfully captured to provide a perspective of comfort, wearability, and style.

The PinkTint Store, launched on this international women's day by Ms. Navdeep Malik, is a marketplace of commercial products for classic career-oriented women, fostering to create inspiration, warm, and comforting feelings in customers. 

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About Spyne

Launched in 2018 by an IIT-Kharagpur alumni Sanjay Kumar and Deepti Prasad (Delhi School of Economics), the AI-based SaaS company allows photographers to devote their time fully one their creativity and passion while helping them in ordering, managing, and delivering the photoshoots effortlessly. The company provides photographers with global opportunities to create work for top brands and help them grow their businesses exponentially.

Spyne also solves the major problems faced by online businesses and marketplaces in ordering e-commerce, real estate, and jewelry photoshoots seamlessly. Spyne fulfills all kinds of visual content needs of businesses and brands.

Currently, Spyne is developing customized sector and business-specific bulk editing suite to help edit thousands of images in seconds. Currently, no such solution exists in the market for sector-specific use-cases. These content enrichment solutions can save up to 40% time in photo editing, reduce high prices, and inconsistency.

Spyne Insights:

  • An AI-suite for photographers to manage and share unlimited content.
  • India's demanding Photography company
  • On-demand visual content provider
  • Pioneer in Image processing and AI
  • With a network of 2000+ photographers across the country.
  • Top 250+ Photographers from National Capital
  • Helps photographers to generate up to 5X more business
Written By - Younus Sideeq on 23 Mar, 2020