12 Best Photography Marketing, Promotion Ideas

12 Best Photography Marketing Ideas

So, you have set-up your photography business, worn your best suit, keeping your doors open and probably run a few paid advertisements in the newspaper or some magazine. Now, all you are waiting for is a bunch of people entering your office wanting to hire you for a photoshoot. Well, if that’s what you have been thinking then let me tell you something, that’s not how it works.

In order to successfully run a photography business, you have to have good marketing strategies; strategies that are not just limited to one medium or goal or even the target audience. Imagine getting featured on top whenever someone searches anything remotely related to your business on Google or imagine posting a picture on Instagram and receiving tons of inquiries from DMs. Well, that’s exactly how more than 90% of businesses are operating as well as flourishing.

So, to help you figure out the perfect plan and create the best strategy to grow your photography business, here are 20 best working photography marketing ideas.


1. Start with an email list


Email list, photography marketing ideas


This isn’t exactly the first thing you should do as a part of marketing your business but it sure is an important one. Now, the thing with marketing on social media platforms is that you are not in control. The algorithm changes so many times that it becomes unpredictable at times.

Now, the essence of email listing is that almost everything is under your control. For starters, the list consists of people who are genuinely interested in your work. That is the reason why they have opted to receive emails from you regarding any updates, or information about the product or service that you are offering.

So, in order to market your photography business, you must have an email list. This way, you can interact with your potential customers on a daily basis as well as keep them engaged with the content of their liking.


2. Work on the website’s SEO


SEO, Photography marketing ideas


SEO is more or less the deciding factor whether your photography business will have online visibility or not. So if you have a website for your photography business, make sure that you appear in local searches at least. And this can be done solely by doing SEO of your website.

In order to make your photography website SEO friendly, your posts should have Google-friendly titles. For example, if you are posting photos from a destination wedding photoshoot that you covered in the Bahamas, you can try naming it ‘Destination wedding photoshoot in Bahamas’ or something like that. The key is to keep it simple and searchable.


3. Start blogging


Blogging, Photography marketing ideas


Now, this is where your creativity steps in. When we say start blogging, it doesn’t mean you have to write long paragraphs about your experience or your journey as a photographer. Well, if you want to then go ahead. Blogging is an effective way to keep your photography website updated. It is also a great way to engage your website’s audience.

Don’t worry if you are not a great writer. Just throw in a few details about the client, location, and theme of the photoshoot and add a bunch of photos. You can make this a habit by posting regularly.

If you are a freelance photographer and possess the required skills to shoot the best high-quality pictures of product, food and other services.


4. Add Google business listing


Google business listing, photography marketing ideas


In order to rank high on Google searches and establish a strong online presence, make sure that you add your business to Google business listing. Google business listing is a great way to appear on local searches that are done in your area or location-specific.

You can add your photography business to Google business listing and start getting reviews. The more the reviews, the better are the chances of you being seen.


5. Testimonial for better leads


Testimonial, photography marketing ideas


One thing is true in any business – ‘Good reviews attract’. When it comes to bringing in leads and gaining the trust of potential customers, you have to show them a clientele who is happy with your services. Reviews and testimonials play a huge role in deciding the fate of a business. While some businesses are one bad review away from getting shut, the mere existence of some is dependent on amazing reviews.

So, promote testimonials from the existing clients who have something good to say about your business. This will create a positive image of your photography business in front of your potential customers.


6. Social Media posting


social media post, photography marketing ideas


Every business can be relevant if promoted effectively on social media platforms. Now, when it comes to photography business in general, platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can be very useful for marketing purposes. Posting regularly can attract an audience and good content can keep them engaged.

In order to save time and keep things from getting complicated, you can even opt for auto-posting. Auto-posting is basically the act of scheduling a post for different platforms so that you don’t have to do it individually. There are many auto-posting tools available such as hoot suite, buffer, etc. you can use for auto-posting.


7. Videos over articles


Videos, photography marketing ideas


Do you want to grab the attention of your social media followers through your content? Well, writing articles with catchy headlines won’t get you very far in that aspect. Articles are usually read by your ‘loyal’ readers. A readership is built over a period of time. So, if you have something really amazing to share with people, rather than relying on articles, create a video about it.

Videos grab the attention of people almost instantly on social media. If you give someone a choice between reading an article and watching a video that says the same thing as the article, guess what? They will choose to watch the video. A video can make your marketing strategy effective if it has value in it.


8. Offer on referrals

Referrals are an amazing way of reaching your potential customers. Word-of-mouth, not only brings in strong leads but it also helps in spreading the word about your business. Now, why would anyone refer your business to a friend or a family? What’s in it for them? Someone will only refer your business if it’s exceptional, or it’s offering some kind of discount.

Now, even if you are sure that your business is offering an exceptional service like no other, providing offers on referrals can pay you in the long term. It is an amazing marketing strategy that promotes the reference business and brings in authentic leads. Giving rewards on referrals will automatically promote your current customers to refer your business to somebody they know who may need it.


9. Expand your network


expand network, photography marketing ideas


When it comes to photography marketing, network plays an important role. When you get in touch with other photographers or professionals that work in the same industry as you, it helps you find the clients of interest.

It actually works like this – You promote so and so business among your clients and that business promotes you among theirs. This way, you get to grow together, expand the reach of your business and build a good relationship with other vendors in the industry. This marketing strategy revolves around favors that pay you in the long term.


10. Utilize hashtags


hashtag, photography marketing ideas


The most effective way of using social media platforms is utilizing hashtags. Hashtags are an amazing way to reach your target customers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. So, if you want to post something, you must use the relevant hashtag so that your post reaches your target audience.

In order to hit the right audience, you have to perform intensive research on hashtags. Once you find the right hashtag, you can use that for your postings on social media.


11. Giveaways for followers


Giveaways, photography marketing ideas


Now, there is a popular culture that thrives on social media platforms. It is the culture of giveaways and gifts. Basically, a brand comes up with a contest or offers once a month where they give followers a chance to win a price or discount on our product. This engages the masses as not just the followers but also their friends become interested in your campaign.

Such kind of activities can promote your photography business on social networking platforms and work as an amazing marketing strategy.


12. Follow-up on clients


follow-up on clients, photography marketing ideas


The worst thing you can do to your business is not giving enough attention to your existing clients. When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, the key is to keep your existing clients close. Even if you don’t have any new clients, make sure that your existing clients are loyal.

To keep it that way, follow up on them whenever possible. Keep them updated with your business’ news. If they recently used your services, ask them about their reviews. During holidays or festivals, send them gift cards to let them know that you care.

So these are 12 photography marketing ideas you can use for your photography business. Remember that the key to making it work is not limiting your efforts. The more you expand your horizon, the more you will learn about the ways to do marketing of your photography business effectively.

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Written By - Ramnish on 29 Oct, 2019