Cost-Effective Editing and Photo Retouching Services by Spyne

Cost-Effective Editing and Photo Retouching Services by Spyne

The eCommerce industry is flourishing like never before. But why does everybody seem so concerned about quality photo editing? Well, selling a product or a building brand requires a business to put forward an image and sometimes hundreds of them.

Those images or photographs are irrelevant if they are not capturing the attention of viewers. ‘Attention’, this word means everything when you are doing business online. If a customer doesn’t like what he sees, he’ll just go find the best alternative. And let’s be honest. If you are clicking a picture from your smartphone and putting it up on an eCommerce site, it will receive a more negative response than positive.

This is the reason why photo editing tools exist. You don’t even have to know about all types of image editing just the important ones. Among those important editing techniques, photo retouching is something that is widely used in the industry to enhance the overall look of a product or a model.

photo retouching services

What is Photo Retouching?

If you are not much familiar with photo editing tools and techniques, you should know that photo retouching is a part of photo editing where you enhance a regular image and turn it into something much more desirable. Tools like Photoshop and Lightroom can help you in photo retouching or photo editing. 

The idea behind doing so is deeply rooted in the marketing industry where the attractive sells. The best part is that the average becomes extraordinary with the right photo editing techniques. 

Look at it this way. The photograph of a product offered by a business becomes its face when you are expecting to gain the attention of masses through it. 


What is the need for Photo Retouching?

photo retouching services


Photo retouching is a common practice in fashion photography, product photography and wedding photography industry. From blemish removal to getting rid of spots, wrinkles, and blemishes, photo retouching is more or less, the backbone of the fashion industry. 

Product industry, on the other hand, requires photo retouching to make a product like jewellery, glasses, or dress look attractive and desirable. Photo retouching helps in removing any scratches or creases that may bother a potential client. 

Photo Retouching for Models and Portraits

In the fashion industry, photo retouching is a pretty common practice. The basic purpose of retouching is to remove any blemish, fine lines or spots. Retouching can also alter the body shape of a model. 

The process of photo retouching in the fashion industry highly depends upon the will of the client and photo retouch online.


Photo Retouching for Products

product photo retouching


Just like the fashion photography industry, the product photography industry also revolves around the motto 'looks matter.' Retouching enhances a product's appearance in pictures. This eventually helps in grabbing the attention of the customers. 

In the eCommerce business, a photograph is all a person has to make the decision.

Simple vs Complex Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is divided into two levels. One is simple and the other is complex. The difference between the two is not huge but it is significant. 

Simple vs Comple photo retouching


Simple photo retouching demands for small photo editing changes like removing blemishes, scratches, teeth whitening or other minor changes that enhance the overall look of the product. 

In complex photo retouching, the difficulties increase mainly in the product photography editing market. For example, retouching a jewellery photograph requires on to make it look more natural. It's done by adding shine or removing glare. The same goes for a photograph of a model sporting a product. 


Professional Photo Retouching Services with Spyne

Spyne is an AI-driven tech platform that provides service varying from photo sharing to image editing for photographers and businesses. Those looking for saving time and getting their photographs professionally edited can rely on Spyne for its services. 

Along with many photo editing services, Spyne provides professional photo retouching services that can help you enhance your photographs the way you desire. 

Whether it's an eCommerce photoshoot, modelling, or portrait, Spyne can help you edit your photographs in the least amount of time and much affordability. 


How does Spyne offer better Photo Retouching services than companies?

Would you believe if we say that Spyne gives top priority to quality and professionalism? Well, you should. Spyne runs on Artificial Intelligence with a touch of human efficiency that allows us to perform ten times better. Moreover, we respect your privacy and aim to keep your photographs secure and avoid any misuse and provide you with photo retouch online.


Price of Spyne Photo Retouching Services

Spyne Photo Editing Services offers two levels of Photo Retouching for photographers and businesses.

- Simple 

photo retouching simple


- Complex

photo retouching services complex


To maximize our effort and give you high-quality results, we use the best photo editing tools. Still, we give priority to customer satisfaction that's why we have kept affordable prices for our photo retouching service.

Q. What All Different Photo Editing and Retouching Services We Provide?

  1. Image enhancement
  2. Retouching Services  
  3. Image Restoration
  4. Image Cropping and Resizing
  5. Colour Correction
  6. Photo Correction Services
  7. Remove/Change Background
  8. Drop Shadow
  9. Removal of People/Objects From the Image and Much More


You can check out the table given below to know about our prices.

Photo-retouching services price

The prices mentioned are for a single image. The minimum amount of images you can order to get edited is 100.

To get most Professional Photo Retouching Services, call us at  +91-8644 8644 61.


Written By - Ramnish on 14 Nov, 2019