New SPYNE Feature! First in the Industry for Photographers

New SPYNE Feature! First in the Industry for Photographers

After successfully having shared 4+ million photos by photographers with SpyneShare and helping so many photographers in delivering photos to the clients, we have finally introduced a new sharing feature that is first in the industry.


multiple selection and sharing


Do you remember our Selection feature that allowed one to send an album for the client’s selection that made it easy to track the selection in real-time? Well, after taking photographers’ requirements into consideration, we have added multiple albums sharing for the Selection feature.


What has changed?

With SpyneShare’s multiple Selection sharing feature, you can send an album for selection to multiple people. So, let’s say you are a wedding photographer. With this new update, you can send an album for selection to the bride as well as the groom. This way you can create two albums for two different individuals and more (as needed).


How does it work?

We always try to keep our platform simple and user-friendly. In order to maintain that simplicity, we have made this feature super-easy and convenient to use.

In order to use it, all you have to do is navigate to the Selection feature and upload your album. From there you can share the album to multiple e-mails. Every share you make will have its unique id.  

Once the client has made the selection, you will get a notification that ‘x’ client has made the selection, you can create the album and deliver within minutes. The same thing can be done with a ‘y’ client once the selection has been made.

This way you can create multiple personalized albums based on clients’ preferences.


What problem does it solve?

A lot of you must be wondering what problems this new feature solves. Let us tell you that there are a bunch of problems that this new feature can help in tackling.

Problem 1

If your client is a couple and you are supposed to deliver two different albums, you’d generally deliver one-by-one because of lack of resources and the time it takes to put together the selections of two different individuals.

This new update in the feature now allows you to simultaneously dealing with two or more clients from the same project thus cutting down your delivery time and increasing the overall productivity.

Problem 2

Another big problem that it solves is that it brings all your business-related content together that you can share or send for selection. With this feature, you can perform hassle-free business operations.

Problem 3

Lastly, this feature helps you in expanding your business and amplifies your branding efforts. How? Well, when you share personalized albums with different individuals, there are high chances that they will share their album further. This way, more and more people will get to know about your business thus increasing the chances of roping in more clients.


We, at Spyne, have always worked towards providing a smooth interface to the clients along with creating and managing visual content to support business growth by 5X. Whether you want to share photos or videos instantly or you want to spread brand awareness, Spyne is there for you.

To take full advantage of Spyne’s amazing features and services, sign up with Spyne now. For more details, you can contact our team of experts at 011-66104020

Written By - Ramnish on 06 Feb, 2020