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3D Ghost Overlay : New Feature For SpyneCliq

After giving the sellers full control over their product shoot with SpyneCliq, we here at Spyne realized that most of us do not possess the skills of a professional product photographer. Hence to make up for that and further streamline the shooting process, we have added a new 3D Ghost Overlay Feature to the latest version of SpyneCliq. 

Here is a Step-By-Step guide on how this new feature will drastically enhance the usability and practicality of the app. 

With this newly added feature, you can easily understand the minute details that you need to consider, like the camera's angle and the distance between you and the object. 

And even though editing makes the images look professional, the photos clicked with the help of this new feature helps our editors make the images look like they are clicked with an expensive camera by professional photographers.

And to understand the significance of this further, given below is a representation of how big of a change this 3D Overlay Feature can bring in your product images. 

We have designed SpyneCliq to bring efficiency and convenience into the photography and image editing industry. And with each and every update, we are looking to make this process every more seamless. 


So if you are interested in knowing more about SpyneCliq, you can learn more about the application from our Website. And you are also welcome to Download The Beta Version Of SpyneCliq and share your experience with us. 

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 04 Sep, 2020