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SpyneWeb | New Feature Announcement!

As an AI-Driven Deep Tech Startup, we at Spyne are always looking for ways to improve performance and the user experience our products offer. And to see to it that our products provide a very seamless experience to everyone, we have recently rolled out some new features for one of our most powerful and promising products, SpyneWeb.

We want our clients to have the complete freedom to customise their site as they please. Hence, with the latest updates, we are giving all our SpyneWeb Customers the ability to customise and change their site's headers. With this, clients can easily optimize their website to look the best for their viewers and customers, without needing any help from the tech support. 

And even though it might seem a little tricky, we here at Spyne have made sure that customising your website was never this easy. 

To understand this even better, here is a YouTube Video that will take you through each and every step of customising the Headers of your Website.

Hence with our new update, you get the full control to Drag, Enable and Disable the 'Photography', 'Videography', 'Events' and 'More' tabs just by going to your dashboard.  

Here Is How You Can Manage Your Header and Content

So in this blog, we will be taking you through each and every step of changing the way your banner looks, all you need to do is go to your SpyneWeb Dashboard and Click on "Header and Content".

How To Disable A Tag?

Once you are on the "Header and Content" page, you can now see a preview of your header and below the options to customise it. So if there is a tag in the header that you want to disable so that it is no longer available for the people to see, you can simply do that by turning off the toggle that is in front of the menu tag. And all you have to do now is click "Save and Preview". This way all those changes you have made will be applied to the live website. You can always undo these changes by once again clicking the toggle switch.

How To Drag And Reposition A Tag?

This is as easy as it sounds. To sort the tags according to your liking, all you have to do is drag and drop them in the order in which you want them to appear on your website and hit "Save and Preview".

How To Add A Page In The Header?

So if you would like to add a new page under a header, you can now simply follow this step by step procedure.

1. Click on "Add Page Within Header"

2. Choose a Header to which you want to add the page. 

3. Now Select A Secondary Page or Hashtag that you want to appear under the Heading.

4. Hit "Save and Preview"

Hence, with this simple 4 step process, you can now add any Page under the Headers. 

How To Move Headers To The "More" Tab

This function is as simple as Enabling and Disabling a tag. So if you want to move a Header to the "More" Drop-Down Menu, all you need to do is click the "Move to More" option, that you can find at the extreme right of all the headers on the Dashboard.

Hence these were a few new features that we have rolled out for a better and convenient user interface. 

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 26 Aug, 2020