Now Share Album for Multiple Selection and Sharing with SPYNE

Now Share Album for Multiple Selection and Sharing with SPYNE

Recently, SPYNE has undergone massive changes. While a lot of features are being introduced, the platform has become more user-friendly. Reason? We recently collaborated with over 2500+ photography partners. This gave us a better insight into what kind of tool can make their lives easy. 



With more and more photographers signing up for SPYNE Share, we made a few changes to the tool, making it somewhat convenient. 

SPYNE Share allows the photographers to create an album and upload all their photos within a few seconds or minutes. That album can be then shared with their clients for selection purposes so that the photographer can deliver the final album. 

Now, the problem with the older version of the selection tool was that it could only be shared for selection to one client at a time. 

So, if the photographer had to send the album to both the bride and the groom then either he had to send the album one person and wait for them to make their selection before sending it to another, or the photographer had to create a new album and upload all those pictures again thus making it a hectic process. 


What’s new?

We understood that nowadays the couple hires a single photographer to cover their wedding. So, we transformed our product around that and introduced multiple selection and sharing feature. 

With this, a single project can be mapped to n number of people. This means that you can share the album to both the bride and the groom and easily capture their selection. Once you share the album, you can add multiple email IDs and track the selection of each one of them through SPYNE dashboard. 


Here’s how it works - 

1. Click on ‘Create Project’ and add the project name along with the date. 


2. Now upload all your photos in the album and click on Share.


3. Then you can add multiple email addresses and share the album across with a unique access pin. Once you click on send email, you will be asked to share the same through WhatsApp.


4. Then you can monitor the selection by going on the ‘User Activity’ column. 

Spyne is the only photo-sharing platform in the world that allows you to share an album for multiple selection. The platform makes it easy for photographers as well as clients in making the entire process transparent so that the selections can be made fast and the album can be delivered faster. 

To know more about SPYNEShare’s multiple selection and sharing feature, Sign Up with us. Our team of experts will contact you asap.

Written By - Ramnish on 29 Apr, 2020