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Mobile Photography - Follow These 18 Tips To Take Stunning Photos With Your Phone

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What is Mobile Photography?

When we use our mobile for photography rather than any camera, it is known as Mobile or Smartphone Photography. And the reason everyone likes to click pictures with their mobile is that it is small enough to carry in their pocket and it is also not heavy. Hence people do have their mobile phones most of the time, which is not the same as cameras. 

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We can capture each and everything with our smartphones starting from some of the most casual moments to the best memories of our lives. And this is what makes it so special. From pet photos to the quick snaps we take of your food, nothing is difficult for your phones to capture. 

And here are some more advantages of clicking pictures through your phone. 

Advantages Of Clicking Photos Through Your Phone

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We here at Spyne understand that after hearing the word "photography", most people think of a camera since it is a device that is primarily designed to do that. But nowadays, our smartphone cameras are not like what they used to be a few years ago. With technology, the cameras in our phones have also evolved and they enable us to take some stunning shots. So here are some advantages of using your mobile for photography:

  1. Never Stops Evolving
  2. Anyone Can Use It
  3. Stunning Performance In Natural Lighting
  4. You Always Have It With You
  5. It is Small and LightWeight

Tips To Take Incredible Photos With Your Phone

And since we are on the topic of Mobile Photography, the whole discussion would just be incomplete if we didn't talk about some great tips and tricks that can help you improve your Mobile Photography by a lot. Hence here are some simple yet effective Phone Photography pointers. 

1. Clean The Lens

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The first and foremost thing that you need to do is clean your lens. And this is due to the fact that we use our phone in all kinds of conditions which leads the camera lens to capture dust and fingerprints, which are basically harmless as long as you do not actually scratch your phone's lens and also clean it before taking pictures.

2. Follow The Rule Of Thirds

smartphone photography
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If you are a beginner and want to take better photos in terms of composition, then you can start with following the rule of thirds. All you need to do is enable the "Grid" option in your camera settings and follow the rule of thirds. And if you are not familiar with the concept you should definitely go and check out Rule of Thirds in Photography - A Complete Guide For Photographers

3. Set Your Exposure and Focus Manually

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You might not have a lot of control over all the photography elements in your phone, but what you do have control over is the exposure and the focus of your camera. Hence, rather than letting the camera do the work for you, you should manually set and lock the focus and exposure for photos.

4. Take Steady Shots Using Tripod

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The small sensors of our phones can suffer at the time of dealing with low light situations. But to counter that, the phone automatically starts shooting with slower shutter speeds to capture light for a longer period of time. But this is something that can further result in blurry and shaky images. Hence, when you are shooting in low light conditions, always mound your camera on a tripod.

5. Do Not Zoom

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Unless your phone has a dedicated telephoto lens, you should never zoom into the picture. This makes the image look pixelated, which is the last thing you as a photographer want. 

6. Avoid Using Flash

mobile phone photography

Mobile flashes are not really powerful, not practical. Hence it is better to avoid using the flash in your camera. It can also disrupt the white balance of the image. 

7. Prefer Natural Light

iphone xs photography

Even though most of our phones don't shine in terms of low light performance, they can really take the center stage with the help of a little natural light. Once the small size camera sensors on our mobiles get sufficient light they can really create some stunning results

8. Use Burst Mode To Capture Action Shots 

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Whenever you are trying to capture action you can switch to the burst mode to not miss even a single frame and capture the desired image.

9. Enable HDR

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Enabling HDR helps you get an evenly lit image, One that is neither too dark nor too bright at parts. 

10. Try Out Different Perspective 

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When you are not short of memory, you should definitely try out different angles and perspectives to create something new. 

11. Take Close-Ups

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Close-Ups is also one of the strengths of mobile cameras. Hence make sure to take advantage of that and make your photos look amazing. 

12. Capture Leading Lines

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Another thing that you can try is Capturing Leading Lines. It is also a form of following the rules of composition. 

13. Try Shooting In Raw

Images shot in RAW might have larger file sizes, but they capture much more detail and also give you a lot more flexibility at the time of editing.

14. Use Manual Mode If Possible 

creative mobile photography

If your phone has a manual mode, you should definitely use it. And this is due to the fact that not only it will make you a better photographer, but it will also get you much better images. 

15. Capture The Little Details 

mobile macro photography

If you are up close and have enough light, your mobile camera can pick up some really amazing details that make it look more like a DSLR image. 

16. Look For Symmetry

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Symmetry is also something that charms up your photography by making it look more artistic. And for this, you need to look for patterns that would look great in your photos.

17. Creatively Capture Reflections

android photography

Capturing reflections is also a great idea that you can try with your phone. All you need to do is either look for a river or a lake and if not, you can put some water on a reflective surface and take some breathtaking shots. 

18. Post Process

mobile portrait photography

This is one of the most important aspects of the whole process and you should never skip editing your images. Editing helps you turn the image you took, into the image you wanted to click. 

Some Third-Party Camera App You Should Try

Even though our phone's inbuilt camera app works great most of the time, it doesn't allow us to take full control of the images. Hence here are some third-party camera apps that do.

1. Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom edit

Most of us know lightroom as an editing app, but the app also has a great camera. 

Download Adobe Lightroom

2. Filmic Pro

We are sure this is not the first time you are hearing about Filmic Pro. You can use this app to take cinematic videos and amazing-looking shots from your phone's camera. 

Download Filmic Pro

3. Google Camera

This is one of the more simple and easy to use camera apps that not only gives you full access to the settings but also captures great images. 

Download Google Camera



SpyneCliq is a DIY Product Shoot app that enables sellers and business owners to save a lot of time and money by doing their product shoots themselves with just their phone. SpyneCliq can get you the same professional-looking images with your phone at 1/4th of the price.  


VSCO is also one of the most popular Third-Party Camera Apps that let you take amazing pictures by giving you the full flexibility to use all the controls of the phone's camera.

Download VSCO


Since the cameras on our phones are getting better day by day, they are becoming a promising substitute for professional cameras. And since it is so convenient to click images with the device that you can carry around with you always, there is nothing wrong with doing photography with your phone. You have to remember that you are only limited by yourself, not your camera.

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 30 Sep, 2020