10 Best Marketing Ideas for Makeup Artist With Spyne

10 Best Marketing Ideas for Makeup Artist With Spyne

How Do You Market A Makeup Artist?

Whether you are a freelance make-up artist or somebody who works at a salon, there’s one thing for sure that you are your own when it comes to selling your skills. In order to gain customers and become big in what you are doing, you can’t just rely on your skills. You also have to rely on various marketing techniques so that customers know what they are getting into.

Now, here’s the catch. The business of a make-up artist is not so different from other creative professionals such as photographers, restaurants, and hotels in terms of doing marketing. You have to establish an online presence, identify your target customers, create a content strategy for final content creation and deliver it to the audience in order to fulfil your final goals. So, to make it easy for you in the industry, we have put together a list of 10 best marketing ideas that you can use. These ideas will help you in reaching your potential customers and eventually turn them into your buyers.

Here’s the list of 10 best marketing ideas for make-up Artists

1. Start with an online presence

In this digital age, you have to find ways to really put yourself out there. The best way to do that is by having an online presence. If people can find your make-up artist business on the internet, they become more interested in it.

online presence, marketing ideas for make-up artist


You can start with a website where you publish your work and build an online portfolio. Also, you can put the option of ‘booking’ so that people can hire your services if needed. Honestly, it’s 2019 and having a business website is a must. You have to create a professional image of yourself and a good website can help you achieve that.

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2. Go all out on Social Media

Now this one goes without a say. Social media is the key to success for many big and small businesses. Social media is what gets your brand a mass reach. Now, the best part about setting up your business on social media is that it is totally free.

On social media, you can share your work and sell your brand by reaching out to a wider set of audience. Now social media benefits in two different ways. One is by giving your business instant attention and a tsunami of followers and the other is by slowing building your brand, engaging with the followers because those followers may become your customers in the future.

For make-up artists, it is very important to fully utilize platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook in order to gain followers. That’s where you can showcase your work and actually gain genuine attention.

social media


3. Tutorial Videos

For make-up artists, the best way to get attention on the Internet is by making tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are a big hit and they are an amazing way to do marketing. Such videos not only showcase your skills but they also attract potential customers who might be looking for someone with your kind of expertise.

tutorial videos, marketing ideas for make-up artist

Before going all out with your tutorial videos, first, identify your target customers. If you are a wedding make-up artist then make sure that it reflects in your videos. And if you are a creative make-up artist then you will have a totally different set of audiences. Once you have built an audience, divert them to your business. So, while posting videos, add your business details alongside to bring them to your doorstep.

4. Build contacts

Creative industry such as that of make-up artists runs on references. Most of the business that one gets is from contacts and their contacts. So, if you already have clients then promote them to refer your business in their contacts. You can do that by giving them discounts for every person they refer your business to. Or you can offer one-time free service for bringing business.


5. Network with other professionals

The best way to gain referrals and get more business is by networking with other professionals in the industry. Get in touch with professionals such as event organizers, and photographers. This is because these creative professionals deal with clients who are in constant need of make-up artists.

Network with other professionals, Marketing ideas for Make-up artists

So, if you refer their business to your clients, they will do the same for you. The best part about networking is that it only gets bigger with time. So, don’t shy away from reaching out to creative professionals in the industry.


6. Start Blogging

start blogging, marketing ideas for make-up artist

In order to market your make-up artist business, you can start blogging. Rather than writing about your daily life and your struggles, keep it about your business. Post videos, tutorials, and projects. Talk about your clients. The best part about blogging is that you can get creative with it while maintaining professionalism. If you use a certain cosmetic brand, you can post reviews.


7. Creative business bookmarks

creative business bookmarks, marketing ideas for make-up artists

This may not be the most lucrative idea but it does the job. Creative bookmarks are loved by avid readers. So, if there are make-up related books, you can insert your bookmarks in them. But make sure that the bookmark features the best of your work and it has your business details including your phone number.


8. Business Cards

business cards, marketing ideas for make-up artist

Business cards are the most efficient when it comes to spreading the word for your business. A business card should be attractive and feature the name of your business along with your contact information, your location and the services that you give. Once you have a business card, leave no opportunity to hand them out to your prospective customers.


9. Be a part of Make-up fairs

make-up fairs, marketing ideas for make-up artists

Setting up a booth and asking for volunteers to showcase your make-up skills is the best way to marketing your make-up artist business. Videos and all are good but people love live-action. So, if somebody comes to your booth, you can give them free or discounted make-over and hand them your business card. This way you can generate references. O, always look out for such fairs where you can portray your skills.


10. Give collaboration a shot

Collaborate with photographers on shoots. It will not only expand your network but also build a better portfolio. People will know that you have experience working in the industry which is great for your brand image. The best part about collaboration is that if a photographer likes your work, chances are he will hire you again and again and again.

How can I promote my beauty products?

There are a lot of ways through which you can market and promote your own products. And we at Spyne have brought you a list that will help you do the same. In order to promote your products, you need to:

Get Your Products Reviewed

Sell To Retail Stores

Try Online Portals

Create A Brand Image

Promote Your Products On Social Media

Get In Touch Distributors

Offer Great Discounts and Deals


When it comes to finding new clients for your Make-up artist business, your approach matters the most. There are many simple yet efficient marketing techniques that you can use to promote your business. One thing is sure, being a Make-up artist or any other creative professional requires a lot more than a good set of skills.

Written By - Ramnish on 07 Nov, 2019