Tips To Make Your Business Post-Corona Ready!

Tips To Make Your Business Post-Corona Ready!

Markets Closed!!            Industries Closed!!                Offices Closed!!


In these hard times where everything is closing rapidly, what isn’t really closed is the opportunity to grow more. Now, I know the first question that would pop up in your mind is - How?? In this scenario where everything is shutting and no hope is seen close, how is this an opportunity? 

As COVID-19 spreads its arms to almost every part of the world, there is still one thing that becomes unstoppable and that is the online market. For vendors whose products were lying in the offline stores can now fly away and enter the online world. This will not only make your sales strong but also let your business survive economically. An online marketplace is a perfect location to place your products and boost your business up to 2X. It not only offers sales but also enables you to make your products reach to a whole new dynamics of an audience that were earlier unknown. 



Steps to pace up your business and make it post-corona ready with smart brand-building strategies. 


1. Get your products the right eye-balls with creative visual content

Internet and shopping sites are bombarded with thousands of pictures every minute, but only a few of them succeed in getting a place in the customer’s mind and that motivates them to buy it. That’s the kind of photography your products need. So, in these difficult times, give your brand the perspective of creative photographers and plan them well. 

Fun fact - 90% of information is transmitted to the brain is via visual content. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. So, using visuals to say about your product is a smart idea. 


2. Choose as to which type of photography your brand needs 

Now, in these quarantine times that we have, rather than spending hours just scrolling, find out ways that can best portray your products. It can be anything ranging from 360-degree shoot to white background product photography. This is the time to finally think about your products and choose the best for them. 


3. Let those ideas brewing 

As busy working professionals, we have always complained that we don’t have the time to work on our vision or think or experiment with our products. With #stayathome campaign, the time has surely given us this opportunity to finally sit down and think about our business, find new ideas, explore 40 new things every day and experiment. 


4. Use this down-time to explore and find out ways to explore creative visual ways to present your products 

We have always heard brand marketers saying that research is something that is really important but sadly we really can’t do it because finding 10 different vendors for the same work is time-consuming. But, now it’s time to find out different vendors for your work, talk to them, get their quotes and then analyze the best fit for your product. For example - If you are looking for a photographer to do your product photoshoot, you will always find two options. 

1. A freelance photographer 

2. A company. 

Choosing a freelancer would be busy-working businessmen decision but going for a product photoshoot company would be a decision that would give your products un-matched quality and assurance of a trusted organization. So, let your ideas and experiments brewing with #stayathome time. 

5. Plan your post-corona brand launch 

After all, this ends, one thing that is surely going to happen is people re-launching their brands in a unique and different way. The marketplace after Coronavirus ends would be very different from what we have seen till date. Due to the economic slowdown, it will be very difficult to maintain the market place of the product that businesses have right now. So, to bring sales to your brand, it is really important that you re-launch your products in a different way and on different mediums. Go online, get your products photographed well and let them enjoy their deserved limelight. 

We know that the rapid spread of corona has really shaken us, our industries and our economy but with the right plan in mind, post corona times will never look as a surprise test for your brands. So, plan it well because as we have heard it everywhere that planning lays the foundation of thoughtful growth. 


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Written By - Tanya Vij on 26 Mar, 2020