Lifelong Onboards Spyne For Electronic Product Photography & 3D-Rendering

Lifelong Onboards Spyne For Electronic Product Photography & 3D-Rendering

Consumer electronics is one of the developing online retail segments. With every product launch, brands are compelled to bring products to market with high-quality, professional product images to drive the customers’ attention. There’s no doubt that the demand for the newest electronic products (that tend to ease our daily workflow and life) has augmented over time. 


LifeLong, an electronic appliances brand, recently collaborated with Spyne to fulfill its requirement for compelling visual content. 


A brand, eying to be the country’s largest brand for home requirements, was looking for a reliable shoot partner that could deliver attention-grabbing imagery and 3D rendering solutions.

 Electronic Product Photography

The brand that challenges the traditional home categories, offers a range of products and appliances for the home, which include products such as kitchen and large home appliances, sports, and fitness equipment, personal grooming, health and wellness products, etc. 

LifeLong was looking for a credible shoot partner who could fulfill their requirement for quality visual content at a faster turnaround time with the highest accuracy.

electronic appliance shoot

Having worked with top international and national brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, Spyne has been able to produce perfectly-finished imagery for brands like these using end-to-end shoot automation and smart AI-driven image editing solutions, which helps us to edit images at 30% lower cost and 67% faster delivery. 

Spyne offers intuitive, end-to-end photography solutions to help e-commerce brands improve their productivity and presentation. We help businesses with professional stills, videos, 3D product views, and 3D-rendering of products. 

The company, as part of its strategic expansion plan, is spreading its shoot operations in electrical vertical and 3D-rendering solutions, helping sellers to create an impressive and immersive visual content experience for their potential consumers.


Why do brands prefer 3D-Rendering?

3D rendering is becoming a way to achieve perfection in imagery and visual presentation. 


According to a study, about 34% of the online consumers spent 30+ seconds interacting with 3D, and 95% of respondents liked interactive 3D views and videos. 


3D rendering of a product means, building a 2D image of a three-dimensional original picture. For example, for the LifeLong brand and brands alike, we create two-dimensional pictures from the reference of their products like sockets, bulbs, mixer grinders, and product boxes.    

It is regarded as very essential for e-commerce businesses that strive to create a lasting impact on customer experience. Also, most e-shoppers believe that e-commerce is an immersive experience through dynamic visuals and 3D rendering allows users to get a sense of resemblance and familiarity with the original product without being able to differentiate between the original and 3D-rendered image.  

Spyne is an AI-driven on-demand photography company, based out in Gurgaon that helps businesses scale their visual content requirements in faster turnaround times. The company, so far, has the largest penetration of freelance photography network and uses deep-tech-driving image editing solutions to speed up the delivery of the image 67% faster.

Spyne has a huge network of over 3500+ freelance professional photographers, 45 partner studios across 38 cities of India – on a mission to streamline the online content and shoot automation process.

If you are a brand looking for high-quality, compelling visual content and AI-based image editing or shoot strategies, brand launch plans, or the 3D rendering of your products, write to us at to click here to explore more.

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 27 Oct, 2020