Tips & Tricks To Increase Engagement On social media stories

Social Media stories - A gateway for brands to reach customers during lockdown

In a world full of inspirations and ideas, social media stories have successfully made its special place in the minds of the followers and the users of social media channels. It will be not incorrect if we say that in a matter of a few years, social media stories have managed to gain popularity in terms of getting better visibility and increased audience for a page or a channel than usual postings. Brands and companies are looking up to stories as a very engaging and profitable feature that can bring larger eyeballs to their product or service, they are pitching. They are utilizing the power of stories on different social media platforms for marketing and advertising purposes. And since stories are the most engaging feature, they have been able to hold on to their audience and increase more engagement on their page that otherwise was a lengthy process. 


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Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Ticktock, or even Youtube, you can now see the impact of stories almost everywhere. Started from of-course Snapchat, the story feature has just opened up a new highway of opportunities for brands who want to reach their customers. 


importance of social media stories

In fact, the most interesting feature that makes stories really important for brands is the ability to take the user from your social media platform to your business platform through its swipe up link. They also act as a promising feature that drives user engagement, you can put anything and everything on it. From static images to videos, stories are connecting the brand with its audience. 


What are Stories and How can Brands utilize its real power?

As we mentioned earlier, started by Snapchat in October 2013, stories were something that people shared with their groups to tell them as to what was happening in their lives. But son after this trend started to pick up a fire, brands and digital marketers saw hidden potential in this feature. That's why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, introduced this feature of adding stories on both Instagram and Facebook. And since then there is no looking back for this feature. From famous celebrities to normal working professionals, everyone started using stories as their way of showing how their life looked like. And as they say, brands too are a professional being that's why the trend of showing what the brand looks like came in the market. By taking your attention for a few seconds, stories surely grabbed the attention of a viewer. Stories are also more liked as they naturally fitted in the mobile format and made user view very comfortable. Coming to the Brands, so following are the ways on how brands can utilize the real power of stories in the following way. 

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Stories introduce your brand with a larger audience set. 

The posts that we post on social media platforms only reach the audience that follows us or follows a certain hashtag that was added to your posts. But when it comes to stories, they are visible to different sets of people. Like if we take an example of Instagram stories, they are not only visible to your followers, but they are also visible to people who like such related categories and are interested in seeing the content of a category. 

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Stories are a free way to advertise about your Brand. 

As we are all facing a huge crisis, wherein companies are falling short of advertising and marketing budgets, in this case, stories become the most affordable and interesting way to communicate about your brand and its voice. You just need to make some interesting stories using free story-making tools like canvas, unfold and you are set to promote your brand in a unique way.


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Increases user interest
In this digital era, where creativity and innovation is your biggest skill to excel. Instagram stories have also excelled with video graphical representation. People are using more and more videos may it be slow-mo or fast or 360-degree videos to gather the attention of the user and make things more interesting for the user to understand. Another benefit that video stories are giving is, they are increasing the brand-recall value for companies. As something written is remembered by 40% of the people, something visual is remembered by 60% of the people but something presented through interactive videos is remembered by everyone. 
They are an interesting way to showcase your brand's unique features and engage your audience. 
Within a span of 15-20 seconds, stories are able to hold the attention of a viewer and motivate him/her to see more because its a balanced view of creativity and messaging. That's why now brands like OYO, Swiggy, and Netflix are using social media stories to communicate their company announcement, features, and many more things.
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Bringing Sales
Another most important benefit of social media stories is that for E-commerce brands and online sellers, Stories are the best way to showcase your product and talk about it a little more which is not possible on posts as then the posts would look lengthy and boring. That's why big brands like Lavie, Titan, and many more are working to create stories that can engage their audience and tell them about their product's offering and the reasons a customer should buy it. In simple words, social media stories help you communicate as to why your products are worth buying and investing on. 
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In a survey done by Facebook, stories are the most viewed feature of social media platforms and people consume 78% of story information more than post's information. So, if you are looking for an effective way of promoting your brand in an affordable way then social media stories are for your brand. 
Written By - Tanya Vij on 27 Apr, 2020