Simple 10 Methods Will Help In Increasing Conversion Rate

How We Can Increase Conversion Rate With The Help Of Technology?

Conversion rate

10 Simple Methods To Increase Your Conversion Rate


The number or percentage of visitors that visit your website out of the desired number of visitors is known as the conversion rate. Conversions can successfully happen through an advertisement, online campaign, email marketing etc. If the number of conversion rate is high, that means the marketing campaign is successful. However, if the conversion rates are low, that means the campaign needs improvement. Knowing how to increase the conversion rate is essential because then, you will know how to get the number of conversions right and it will help you in achieving your campaign or business goal.

Here are 10 ways, which can help you in increasing your conversion rate.

1. Use Google analytics- First thing first, you need to understand your data, the activity on your website and the behaviour of the audience and Google analytics helps in determining that. It gives you information on how the website is performing, you can even figure out the pages that are not doing very well and accordingly optimize them.

2. Optimizing the conversion funnel- Awareness, interest, and consideration make the conversion funnel. This can help you in defining the brand awareness of your target audience, what interests them and makes them buy your product or service and convinces them, which then adds to your conversion rate.

3. Optimize the webpage design- One of the first things people see on your website is, the design of it, how easy or how difficult is it to navigate. Keep your website simple and attractive so that the visitor can focus on the content instead of wondering how to operate the website.

4. Add a clear call to action button- It is important to have a call to action button as it increases your conversion rate almost in no time. There is no standard call to action button format; you can be creative with it to attract more visitors.

5. Optimize forms- Designing a form is not easy, you will have to look into the number of fields, the colors, the wording of the button and other elements to get better results. Optimizing forms can be important because a conversion strategy needs a lead generation campaign to rely on and this sometimes, involves filling in a form

6. Create appropriate content- Create content, which is simple and easy to understand, do not use jargons and use simple words. It is important that your target audience or visitors understand what has been written, because if they don’t, then they are not contributing to your conversion rate.

7. Build and create communities- You need to gain the trust of the user in order to create conversions in the long run. Making a community is a great way to do so; it allows the visitor to create a relationship with your product or service.

8. Be mobile-friendly – Mobile devices have been known to provide more Internet traffic and it will only keep increasing. In order to get more traffic, make your website mobile-friendly.

9. Show your presence on social media- These days, everybody, young or old is on social media. Make use of their presence by showing them that you are there too. Create engaging content and stay active to increase your conversion rate.

10. Give your users the extra push that they need- Use words like “last chance”, “limited stock” to get more visitors on your website. Creating a sense of urgency has proven to improve conversion rates.



Written By - Spynelab on 05 Jun, 2019