How to use Hashtags to drive traffic to your business? - SPYNE

How to Use Hashtags to Drive Traffic to Your Business? - SPYNE

SPYNE is a platform that gives you a great opportunity to expand your business and establish yourself as a brand. With its help, you can instantly create a website for yourself which works as a portfolio for your best work and easily trade with the customers. But apart from creating a customizable website and great mobile and desktop compatibility, SPYNE also has the feature of Hashtags. Now before going into details about what Hashtag is and how it can help you do your business, there’s one thing you should know that the Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your online visibility and connect with your customers.


Ever since the Internet became mainstream and a part of an entire generation’s day-to-day life, Hashtags have played a major role in bringing people and businesses together. So the first question that occurs is “What are Hashtags?”



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A Hashtag is a metadata tag which is commonly used on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also on websites in order to categorize any content.

 So, if a similar type of content is present on a site then a Hashtag can be used to easily locate it or help you put your content in a specific category. For example, if you are looking for food-related content then a Hashtag can help you in locating the specific category of things you want to see. All a person has to do is add # before the word such as #FOOD. This is one of the features that rapidly gained popularity among Twitterati and other social media users.


But how can Hashtags expand a Business?


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When it comes to expanding the business using Hashtag and driving traffic to your content, relevance plays an important role. It’s very crucial to do a little research and analyze the market in order to use the most relevant Hashtag. This means that if your content is about photography then you can’t use #Cameralove. It’d be more appropriate if you use #Photography.

But the fact that these are very common hashtags, makes your content less visible and dilutes the chances of your content getting featured. So the use of common hashtags is good for long-term traffic but not specifically for the promotion of your brand.

In order to do so, you have to use your own company’s name. This is the best way to promote your business and do marketing. It not just provides a uniqueness to the hashtag you are using but also gives your brand identity on the Internet. This way you can also gain, if not full but, major control over traffic on the content you are sharing using that Hashtag. It also makes the tracking part easier.  

Another amazing way to bringing traffic to your website and content using Hashtag is by using it to run a campaign. The most successful campaigns in recent times have been possible because of Hashtags. Using them on social media for running a campaign provide your content visibility and more and more people become interested in it.


Different ways to efficiently use Hashtags



1. Public Involvement


As mentioned above, Hashtags are a great way of running successful business campaigns. The key is to keep the title catchy and should give the people something to look forward to. One of the best examples is Nike’s campaign- #Justdoit. The campaign received worldwide recognition and somehow managed to enter the minds of people at a subconscious level. This gives a pretty good idea about how Hashtags can affect a business. So, try to bring something that a person can relate to or can invest his/her time in.


2. Launching Hashtag the right way


Using this feature is all about creating hype. So, if you want people to get excited over your Hashtag and click on it then it is important to step-up your content game. If you are posting something on social media then make sure that the photo you are posting along with the Hashtag is unique, catchy and something that people are interested in. And if you are posting a website content then make sure that it is of optimum quality. If the content is boring then people will anticipate that the Hashtag is also not worth clicking.


3. Monitor and Track user engagement using Hashtag


The best part about Hashtags is that they can be used to track the traffic on your content. Now, SPYNE is among the top platforms for photographers who want to establish themselves as a brand. It lets you organize your content on the website using hashtags and keywords. And you can track everything on your website using Hashtags thus making your SEO stronger.


4. Evaluate the outcome


The work doesn’t end at creating a unique Hashtag, you also have to evaluate how it is performing. This can be done using tools such as Google Analytics. This way you can update your content and the hashtags from time to time, helping you drive better traffic to your content.



SPYNE has emerged as a backbone of the wedding industry and a one-stop platform for photographers where they can handle and expand their business without hassle. It is loaded with premium features that can help in tracking all your website content and traffic. It also helps in tracking the social media of competitors to keep you one step ahead of them. SPYNE’s Hashtag tracking feature can help solve major traffic issues and give you a better insight into your business.

Written By - Ramnish on 04 Jul, 2019