5 Tips on How to use color in commercial photography!

5 Tips on How to use color in commercial photography!

Have you ever thought about why Taxis are always Yellow in color? Or Why the traffic lights have such bold colors? 

The color game had begun in the world, much before we actually realized it. From Yellow Taxis to Red Lights, everything is kept bold to gather the attention of the viewer on the roads. In the digital world grabbing the attention of a buyer, or a viewer has become even more difficult. As now people are just glued to their phones so much that marketers really need some bold colors of catchy lines to make them see their products. This is why it has become more than important now to understand what different colors can do for your products.  

This is why we are here with 5 tips on How to use color in commercial photography. So, here we go!


1. Get into the buyer's shoes!

The first step in understanding How to use color in commercial photography is to get into the buyer's shoes. We have always heard this phrase of getting into his shoes and then understanding the matter. If you ask us, it always works. As when you enter into a buyer's shoes you are able to see the things from his perspective and are able to understand what he/she is looking for? So, before getting a photoshoot done, analyze your customer deeply, make a buyer persona. All this will really help you to sketch down your actual target customer and then you will be able to make a commercial d according to your audience. 


Commercial Photography tips


2. Keeping a check on the trends!!

Agree or not, the world moves around with trends. Whether it's Pantone color of the year or Asian Paints colors, every brand announces it's color of the year and the whole brand industry just gets excited about it. And it's just not a day of hard work they put in to find it, apparently, it took 6 months for Pantone to finally decide Classic blue as their color of the year 2020. Keeping a check on the latest photography trends, latest product display and ad trends are even more important nowadays because if you miss any trend or buzz, then your brand image is projected as outdated. So, keeping a check on these becomes really important. Also, if you are well aware of the current trends and buzz, then you will be in a better position to come up with new trends and styles, which will give you an edge over the competition and your brand a new look. 


How to use color in commercial photography

3. Understand the color games. 

Always remember, a picture that looks good and appeals to the audience, sells faster! So, before going for any plan, understand the color game. Know your product and understand what color best suits your product and how it can be played around with different colors to bring the best in the product's look visually. Making a product visually appealing is very important. Let's take an example here. We scroll through our Instagram feed day-in and day-out, but only a few of the images stick into our minds, there's a reason for it. This happens because only a few images were able to give your eyes an attractive and soothing look that forced your eyes to stop and check it out. That's how the color game works. 

Before 2019, brands were majorly using "Yellow" as their brand colors but slowly and gradually every brand has started understanding that different colors can say different things about your brand. So, it becomes utterly important, to pick a color that can truly talk about your brand and its features. 


How to use color in commercial photography


4. Pick up Bold colors!

The reason why we can spot MC Donald's arrow or OYO sign is that they have positioned their color and identification in the minds of customers by using bold colors in their logos. Pickin up a bold color for your brand becomes very important as when you don't want to say something in a lot of words, your brand color speaks for you. Like Red is a color for brands that want to be "Out there" and have a very strong voice that you can't ignore, soothing colors like sky blue or peach-pink are for brands that depict calmness so services like the salon outlets or the clothing stores should opt for such colors. 

Bold colors have always helped brands to achieve a strong brand image that people want to get associated with. So, opting for a nice bold color for your brand's photography will always portray your product in the most effective way. 


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5. Creating a composition 

The most important point in How to use color in commercial photography is creating a composition. This is where most of the brands go wrong. They hire the best of photographers, brand stylists, marketing personals but if you don't create a composition in your brand's photography then you are doing nothing. All your efforts in finding the right color for your brand will be a waste. 

Creating a composition means, creating a picture that is soothing to the eyes. A perfect shot is when there is no noise in the picture and the picture looks balanced with the product and its props. Creating a composition is easy, just you need to keep in mind a few steps - 

- Don't let any noise come into the product picture 

- Your image should have breathing space, don't overcrowd the picture, it doesn't help at all. 

- Don't use a dark/sharp light on your product if your product is in a bold color. 

- Try to use 3-point lighting more and more, it gives the picture a perspective of its own.


How to use color in commercial photography

At last, we would like to say is your product pictures are much more than just some pictures, they are a way through which people see your brand and make a perspective, so let your brand image say good things about your brand with the right use of colors and photography.

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Written By - Tanya Vij on 09 Jul, 2020