Stay Ahead of Competitors Using Instagram Analytics Tool

Stay Ahead of Competitors Using Instagram Analytics Tool

If you are a photographer in today’s era then one thing is sure that you have to compete with a lot of professionals in the industry. Since everybody is in the race of being on top, it becomes hard to retain your individuality. More than 50 million businesses rise every year out of which 80% get dissolved within the first 5 years. One of the reasons behind such failure is that a lot of professionals don’t use the digital tools required to expand and boost their businesses.

Lack of such tools can cost a lot if you have to compete in the industry. But don’t worry. In order to help your business perform well and establish yourself as a brand, Eventila recently launched an amazing platform – SPYNE – which has proven to be the backbone of the wedding industry. Professionals such as photographers, event planners, designers, make-up artists, etc. can put themselves out there and establish a business that will always remain one step ahead of the competition.

Even though the platform provides amazing features that turn a business into a hassle-free experience and lets you upload unlimited blogs, photos, events, and videos, but it also offers something even more useful. SPYNE has an analytics feature which lets you beat your competition and build strategies to always stay one step ahead of them.


What is Analytics Feature?


Since SPYNE provides a single-dashboard feature, this makes the website tracking super-easy. On the Dashboard, you can easily find the Analytics feature. Clicking on it will take you to the Instagram analytics page. There you can track, analyze and create strategies to leave your competition behind. You can track the competitor’s actions such as the number of posts made per day, followers gained or lost, overall growth and other options related to the audience’s involvement.

Social Media platforms are one of the best places to showcase your business and let people know about what you are doing. But if there’s no traffic or audience to witness your work then doing business can become really hard. So, a feature like this can really change the way you look at business management.


Spyne’s Instagram Analytics feature guide

The Analytics feature is located in the left section of the Dashboard. Clicking on it takes you to the Instagram option which eventually takes you to the tracking sheet. This sheet consists of various sections which involve adding the competitors’ Instagram handles and keeping yourself updated.


Spyne, Instagram analytics tool, chicago


- The first thing you will see on top of the page is your own Instagram handle, the number of posts you have made, the followers you have and the number of people you are following. There you can click on the option to add your competitors. It is crucial to perform extensive research on the major competitors you have in the industry.


Spyne, Instagram analytics, San Francisco


- The next part of the process is setting the date of tracking. You can select the start to end date in order to track your competitors’ movements. Just fill in the dates and click on the track button. The page will do the tracking for you and give you data to analyze.


- Just below the tracking date feature, you’ll find followers and posts column. These will give you an insight into the growth of followers and the growth of posts in percentage. This way you can better manage your own social media handle in order to compete with the others.

Spyne, Instaram analytics tool, New york


- This brings us to the last and final part of the analytics feature. This one represents the overall growth of competitors compared to yours through a bar. Every competitor has an individual bar making it easy for you to analyze the data and take action.

Spyne, Instagram analytics tool, chicago


To boost your Instagram with Spyne and enjoy much more business-boosting services, 


SPYNE’s analytics feature is very simple to use and opens the door to a new way of tracking the competitors' social media and staying one step ahead of them. The best way to learn more about this feature and experience its amazing working is by using it yourself. So, we would totally recommend you to use Spyne. 








Written By - Ramnish on 04 Jul, 2019