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A Beginners Guide: How To Use Google Analytics?

A Beginners Guide: How To Use Google Analytics?


Google analytics has become an extremely important tool to know and understand in this fast-paced digital world. Google analytics helps in measuring the results of campaigns in real-time. It allows the user to even compare the results of the current and the previous campaign. Google analytics shows data from all channels which are being directed towards the website. It also helps in tracking the conversion rate; it’s always good to know how many people are actually visiting your site.


With Google analytics beings so important, it’s necessary that one knows how to use Google analytics.


Here are a few guidelines that will guide you on how to use Google analytics:


1. Install Google analytics:


A Google Analytics account is necessary, without this you will not be able to proceed. You can either use an existing Google account or create a new one for the same.



How to Use Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics


Now Click on Get Tracking ID


2. Install the tracking code:

once your Google Analytics account is set up, you will get a tracking ID option. After this, you will get a Google analytics code, you will get this code only once you accept the terms and conditions of Google Analytic.


How to Use Google Analytics In Wedding Photography Business?

Click I Accept.


Use Google Analytics

Now Copy this code & paste in the head of your website.


Use Google Analytics


3. Set up a site search:


This is applicable for any website which has a search box on it, this allows you to track any and all searches made on your website. This helps in learning more about the type of audience that is visiting your website and also gives an understanding of the kind of things your visitors are looking for on your website.


4. Add any additional accounts or properties:


you can add more than one website in your Google analytics account. All you have to do is go to the admin menu, click on the drop-down under the property column and click the create new property link and you are good to go!


To install multiple accounts you can go to admin and add property.


Use Google Analytics

5. View Google analytics data:


Every time you log into your Google Analytics account, you will be taken to the audience overview report. This will enable you to track the progress of your website and you can view up to 50 reports on Google Analytics. 


This is where you will find all the data which you can analyze.



Use Google Analytics

The above were five ways on how to use Google analytics. Google analytics is used in business and is also useful for people independently handling their business. It allows one to track their progress and from there one can figure out ways to improve or do better.

It is primarily used by people working in the digital sector, especially marketers and advertisers, it helps them understand better as to how successful their campaign or advertisement was or if it was successful at all or not. A lot of decisions are taken after taking into account the results from Google analytics. Lastly, Google analytics helps in combining data with the business goals, as stated earlier, it measures all metrics and which cover all the aspects of monitoring the effectiveness of a campaign or a website.



Written By - Spynelab on 31 May, 2019