How To Best Use LinkedIn For Marketing [10 Great Tips]

How To Best Use LinkedIn For Marketing [10 Great Tips]

Whenever we talk about social media platforms that can bring business and help brands generate leads, we talk about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but often people miss Linkedin. Referred to as a job searching platform by a layman, Linkedin is much more than that. It is one of the most influential professional platforms that makes your brand popular amongst the industry. From making connections to generating leads, Linkedin can be understood as a virtual way of networking with like-minded people. 

Not only this Linkedin can also play a very crucial role in getting you funds for your business as all the investors seek Linkedin profile to understand the core of your company. As Linkedin has no direct followers like Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin is more of a platform that has brand followers. So, if you want to make your product or service a "HERO" in the industry, then Linkedin is your gateway to correct limelight. 


Know 10 Amazing Tips On How To Best Use LinkedIn For Marketing Here:


1. Create an effective profile

This may sound boring, but trust us, this is the most important step towards creating an amazing profile. Completing your profile with locations, tags, employees, skills, achievements, and website links. Be expressive, use your creative wings to write a persuading company's bio as your bio is the first information anyone is reading about your company. Use industry-specific keywords in your description, it will make your LinkedIn profile easy-to-search. Lastly, update a cover image and a profile image that is attractive. Always remember, the "About Us" section is the first impression so make it rock solid, otherwise it can cause serious problems in your growth.


2. Garnish the Goodwill by staying connected with your connections

Linkedin is all about connections, like-minded people join hands on one page and communicate the messages that are in the interest of both. Currently, Linkedin allows you to send 50 connection requests to people every day, utilize this, and bring your profile into the notice of many. One more thing that has always worked for brands is giving a direct link on your bio or email footer, this makes your email look highly professional and bring in new people to your profile.   


3. Content is the king

You must have heard almost all Digital marketers saying this line. It is actually true, content on social media truly defines who you are as a brand and in fact, speaks for your brand that you wanna say to the people. So, choosing the right set of posts or creating the right set of communications is very important. And for finding the best of the content, Linkedin offers you a smart option, wherein you can just go to the "Content" tab on your page and discover what is trending your domain and post similar content. 


4. Getting the right eyeballs

Now, this is something that every social media person would suggest you hunt on. Getting the right eyeballs in your domain is very important as when you do this, you become more discoverable and a master of your own skill. In this hashtags can be very helpful, and finding them on Linkedin is also not very tough. Just explore your competitor's post what hashtags they are using, explore the content option and see what hashtags are trending on your domain and that's it post such relative posts. 


5. Creating a Linkedin Community 

Creating an online group of people who like and comment on your page is really difficult. But if once created can be very useful in getting a good amount of engagement for your page. One way to get this is you invite your connections on LinkedIn and ask them to join your page, another way is you drive followers through postings engaging content, it can be anything meme, funny quote. Just bring out your creative wings on the page and things would start rolling for you. 


6. Make a plan

Now, when you know how to find the content, how to make an engaging post, and how to create an online community, you need to make a plan. Start by identifying and writing down your audience type and their behaviours, then make posts and write down the captions prior to posting so that you are able to check it. Once you have identified all of these things identify the hashtags you are gonna use on your posts and then schedule it. Scheduling will definitely help you in getting the creative post on time with all the relative things it needs. 


7. Promote your content

This step is as important as creating a post as if your content is not bringing enough engagement for your page to grow then all of your efforts are just going waste. So, there are two ways of promoting your content, organic and paid. 

Let's talk about organic ways first - 

- Find relevant groups of Linkedin particularly talking about your domain. Start by introducing yourself to them and post regularly. Remember the content that you are posting should be relevant for them, as in the reverse case you'll just end up irritating them and spamming them with your messages.

- Ask your employees to like the posts, as internal promotion is the best one. 

Now, let's come to the paid one. In this you just need to add an Ad account and fix up a budget on which you'll run ads for your page. 


8. Go live 

This is a feature that has recently been added and is showing great results to pages. Just like Instagram, just go live on Linkedin share your personal views on any topic, talk about your brand, how your brand started. The more you share, the more people will be motivated to like you, and follow you. 


9. Learn for Linkedin Analytics

When you measure your performance regularly, you learn something every day. This is the same thing that happens on Linkedin. Now, this platform has an amazing tab called "Analytics" where you can measure your one week's performance and also compare it month by month or week by week. You can learn how many people landed on your page, how many people followed you and which particular content was liked by people. 


10. Be Real

To conclude, we would just like to say "Be Real" on any social media platform you pick, communicate what truly you feel not for the sake of communicating because that is visible when you do it. 

Written By - Tanya Vij on 21 Jul, 2020