How Spyne Is Changing The Future Of Photo-Sharing For Photographers?

How Spyne Is Changing The Future Of Photo-Sharing For Photographers?

Future of photo-sharing, New York

Eventila’s product Spyne is capturing the interest of top photographers from the USA as well as India. It provides a platform for the professionals working in the photography industry where they can share unlimited photos and videos, create a business website, and sell their work to the customers with ease. 

While talking about photo-sharing, the initial thought that comes to mind is, “why not use google photos for sharing photos?”

There are indeed tools available such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and Pen Drives, etc. that can be used for sharing photos with the clients. But the fact that these tools can do more harm your business rather than making it smooth is the reason why you should not opt for these. When it comes to photo-sharing, photographers should ditch pen drives and other "traditional" techniques. 


Photo-sharing with Spyne

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With the help of Spyne, a photographer gets to share unlimited photos and videos with the clients. The factor that sets Spyne apart from other photo-sharing tools is – Branding. While using Spyne, a photographer is not just limited to photo-sharing. It is also an amazing tool to do the branding of your business. Let me explain this to you in details. 

Let’s suppose you covered a wedding recently. Now, you have around 2000+ photos with you that need to be shared. You have to select the best ones to show to the client and then the client can shortlist the ones that are needed for the wedding album. And it is pretty obvious that once you share photos with the clients, those photos will be further shared with friends and family. But after using Google Photos, Dropbox, etc. those friends and family members only get to see the photos and not your brand that brought those photos to them. 

Spyne solves this problem by providing your business with an integrated link, and custom logo. So, the next time your client share photos, they will get more than just pictures, they will be seeing a brand.  

Now you must be wondering that there are many other platforms (Smugmug, Pixieset, etc.) that can help you do the same. So, why Spyne?

Well, the answer is simple. Spyne’s revolutionary Face recognition feature changes the way one shares photos with the client by giving a more personalized approach.


Spyne’s Face Detection feature

Face recognition, New York

Just imagine how cool it would be if a photographer can just type the name of a person and out of 2000+ pictures, the ones belonging to that person pop-up. Well, that’s exactly what Spyne has to offer. 

Spyne isn’t just another photo-sharing platform, it is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform where a photographer can access the face recognition feature to create personalized galleries and share them with the clients along with their friends and family with a click of a button. The announcement of the face recognition feature, which will launch soon, was made recently. Check it out: Face Recognition.  


What is Face Detection Feature and How does it work?

Spyne’s Face recognition feature allows the photographer to select and label the faces in their photo gallery. This way, finding the photos of that particular face becomes easy. And once you select a face, you can directly share those photos with that person. 

A photographer clicks the pictures of a lot of people in a single event. Sometimes more of a person who is close to the client. By directly contacting the person and taking his name and email id can make the work a whole lot easier while using the face recognition feature. Also, a lot of people approach the photographer during the wedding for their photos, so this can be great for generating references. Here’s how it works:

1. Upload all the photographs on your client’s gallery.

2. The AI of Spyne will detect all the faces in the gallery for you. 

3. Now, you can give a label to those faces and clicking on them will show all the photos belonging to that face. You can now create personalized galleries and send those galleries individually. 

4. The gallery provides an instant share option which helps in sharing photo gallery to the individuals through a link via email.

To understand Spyne's Face Recognition feature, you can also check out this video here:


How Face Detection feature impacts the photography business?

A photographer’s business mostly depends on the quality of work and goodwill in the industry and then there’s marketing. The clientele gets a boost when the existing client is satisfied and the word spreads. It is estimated that around 80% of a photographer’s work comes from references. But depending on the client for referrals is not so efficient and the outcomes are unpredictable in the photography world unless you have personalized tools.

But face detection feature changes the scene for photographers in the industry. As you click pictures of people at an event, you are also getting a chance to communicate your business with them and tell them how you can deliver their photos out of all the photos that you click. This builds trust and helps in building references. Those references help in lead generation, thus expanding your business.

Moreover, this face recognition feature benefits the clients of a photographer even more. If an event takes place and the client receives a couple of thousand photographs. When asked about the photographs from the attendees, the client certainly won’t be able to send all the photos from events. But using this feature can give them a chance to share personalized galleries with their friends, families or other attendees of that event. Also read: How to use Hashtags to drive traffic to your business?

To know more about Spyne and its features, Check out – Spyne.AI. Also, feel free to contact our team experts on call or text at 011-66104020.

Written By - Ramnish on 05 Aug, 2019