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Redefine The Process Of Getting Professional Images For Your Products

If you haven't read the Announcement Blog for our latest innovation, SpyneCliq, we would suggest you do it. As in this blog, we will be further talking about how easily you can get your desired commercial images, shedding light on how SpyneCliq helps small scale businesses, vendors, retailers, and sellers get the required photos at a very nominal price. 

We have designed SpyneCliq for convenience, and that is also what we want the clients to feel while using the app. So to make this fun and as simple as possible, we will be taking you to step by step into the process that one has to go through to acquire the required Professional Images. 

The App takes you through 3 main steps:

1. Select Your Product

spynecliq, product shoot app\

2. Select Your Marketplace

spynecliq, product shoot app

3. Shoot High-End Images Of Your Product With Your Phone.

spynecliq, product shoot app

But to give you an in-depth view, we are going to give you a complete interpretation of how SpyneCliq Works and How easy it has become for people to get Studio Quality Images without any hassle. Hence here is a step by step guide with which you can easily get the Professional eCommerce Images for Amazon, Flipkart, and other such online platforms. 


Get a much more convenient footwear photography experience with our SpyneCliq App


1. Click On "Shoot Now" and Enter Your Product's Name

spynecliq, product shoot app


2. Select the Category Of Product You Are Shooting

spynecliq, product shoot app


3. Select The Marketplace On Which You Plan On Listing The Product

spynecliq, product shoot app


4. The App Assists Your With How The Pictures Should Turn Out

spynecliq, product shoot app


5. You Click The Picture And Move Forward If You Are Satisfied With The Image

spynecliq, product shoot app


6. Submit Pictures And Track Their Editing 

spyne cliq, product shoot app

And within 48 hours, we get back to you with some Flawlessly Edited and Upscaled Product Images. The images we deliver are Indistinguishable from the ones clicked with expensive DSLRs by professional Photographers.

So Stay Tuned and Follow our Social Media Handles to be up to date with all the New Features and Announcements regarding Our Products. 


Get a much more convenient automobile photography experience with our SpyneCliq App

Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 27 Aug, 2020