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How Do Top Landscape Photographers Take The Best Shots

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What is Landscape Photography?

We all have come across a beautiful sky and thought to ourselves, What a pretty sky! I must capture it right away. Clicking a picture of nature comes under Landscape Photography. And we may not be successful in capturing the perfect photo all the time, but guess what, landscape photographers make it happen. It’s their profession and passion to take that perfect shot we have seen on social media. Also, we all wonder, how do top landscape photographers take the best shots? We will talk about it in detail below. 

How Do Landscape Photographers Take Such Stunning Photos?

Just like any other photography genre, landscape photography is an art. And landscape Photographers are the people who have mastered that art. It takes them years of hard work and experience to be able to click such breathtaking images. And if you are someone who is interested in knowing how professional photographers take such great photos, we here at Spyne have brought you a list that will help you understand what goes behind a photographer's lens.

1. They work really hard to get those perfect shots

The first thing to understand is that landscape photography is not a child’s play. It’s hard and it takes a lot of will power and patience to take those beautiful and perfect shots. If you think that the photographer was there at the right time that’s why the shot came out like that, you are wrong. Timing matters but there are more factors which the landscape photographers have to take care of.

The weather and location hugely affect a photo and make a lot of difference. Top landscape photographers keep taking shots of the same location until they are really satisfied. They always have clarity in mind about what kind of shot they are looking for. So they just keep going back to it no matter how hard or annoying it gets.

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2. They are not satisfied easily

Photography is a form of art and as we know that the definition of art varies for everyone. Each landscape photographer has a way of perceiving things. For example, if a landscape photographer has made up his/her mind that he needs to capture lightning with dramatic clouds at a certain location, he/she will keep trying until successful. All in all, the top landscape photographers are not satisfied easily. They will keep trying to get what they need. 

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3. They plan well

If you are an aspiring landscape photographer you must really understand this part of the job. Perfect shots just don’t happen, the talented photographers make them happen. Planning well is a crucial step to get that perfect shot. Factors like the weather, location, Golden Hour, and the blue hour can totally change the outcome. Firstly, a perfectionist would make sure that he/she takes a tour of the place where the shot will be captured.

This will give an in-depth knowledge of the location which in turn will help to set up the camera before the shot is composed.  They also look up the weather forecast before going out to shoot. Also, good weather does not give the best shots. The more dramatic and unique the weather is, the more are the chances that the photos will be unique and extraordinary. Planning is important but landscape photography also demands you to be spontaneous because you can never predict nature. So make sure you are up for every adventure. 

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4. Timing plays an important role

Being at the right place at the right time always works. To capture that perfect sunset, the top landscape photographers reach before time. If you reach just at the moment when the sun is setting, only your eyes will be able to view the beauty of it because to capture it, you must be ready with your camera at the location before the actual sunset happens.

Reaching before time will give you the time to set your camera in the right place. So, whenever that moment happens, you can take multiple shots of the ever-changing nature. You will just never know when and where something happens. You must be able to take multiple shots of the same view so that you can even merge the different shots together to get that one perfect shot. 

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Tips To Capture Breathtaking Landscape Photos

If you are someone who is looking to start their career in Landscape Photography and are out looking for some pointers then let us assure you that you are at the right place. We here at Spyne have brought you a list of tips that can help you achieve professional-level landscape photography.

Pay attention to the smallest of details

If you are planning to become a photographer, then you have to know that all photographers have a keen eye for detail. And this is an ability that can take you a long way.

Try out new things

Photography can only grab someone attention when it is really interesting and pleasing to look at. And to get such a photo, you have to thing out of the box and try out new things.

Follow compositions rules

As a photographer, you have to keep in mind all the composition rules of photography as they will help you a lot in finding a perfect frame. These rules might seem hard to follow, but once you get a hang of them, they are actually pretty simple and straightforward.

Try out different viewpoints

A Landscape may look mesmerising to you in real life and not in the photos. This is a very common thing that is faced by photographers. And to beat this, all you have to do is try out different angles viewpoints 

Always shoot in RAW

The reason we say that is RAW files gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility when it comes to editing and retouching. Also, post-production plays an essential role in landscape photography. 

Try including people 

It is great to give a human touch to your photos. With people in it, a photo automatically starts to look more enticing.

Take night time shots

When you are out to take some amazing landscape photographs, you have to make sure that you cover the star-filled sky.

Don't forget to capture the dramatic skies

Clouds in the sky and the light from the sun can sometimes really add drama to the scene. And these scapes look great when they are captured in cameras.

Use tripods

When you are doing landscape photography, most times you may use longer shutter speeds to capture some more detail or the night time with a smaller aperture. Hence for that, you need a tripod to rest your camera on.

Take Golden Hour Photos

Most people say that this is one of the most beautiful and soothing time of the day and we agree. If you would like to learn more about it, you can go and check out our detailed Blog on Golden Hour Photography

Pack a great camera and lenses

In the end, it all comes down to your camera and lenses that you use. So make sure that you take along the perfect equipment for your journey.


It is important to keep in mind that the outcome of a photo depends on the perspective of the photographer. Every photo captured by different photographers at the same location will be different from each other. So, just trust your intuition and keep practising while keeping these factors in mind.  Also, keep looking up for special festivals happening around the world. For example, the cherry blossom festival in Japan can totally give you landscape photography goals. Some top landscape photographers wait for the whole year to get those perfect shots.

Written By - Lisha Dawar on 03 Aug, 2019