Guide To Use Instagram Hashtags For Photography Accounts

Guide To Use Instagram Hashtags For Photography Accounts

Nowadays hashtags have become the life of the people. Without it Instagram is incomplete. But do you really know the correct way of using hashtags? Have you ever thought that the hashtags which you are using are correct or not?

Instagram is flooded with hashtag trends and everyone wants to increase their followers. They tend to use hashtags but they don’t know the importance of it. Professionals know about hashtags but sometimes they don’t tend to do the research to reach out to current hashtags.

To understand it well, Let’s first discuss hashtags…

What are Hashtags?

how to use hashtags on instagram

Instagram hashtags for photography are merely keywords that are used to make your SEO content-rich. The hashtag was introduced by Twitter first and then all the social media platforms followed it. But Instagram used it widely and made it differently and easily accessible. Instagram has worked in the up-gradation of its platform and has always come up with new features and hashtags for the customers. When we find keywords to boost up the content that keywords are used as hashtags. It is used on Instagram to reach a larger amount of people and promote your stuff.

Hashtags are used to promote the content of your blog and in the case of Instagram it is pictures and on that, the tag is done. The popular keywords which are indexed by Google are the hashtags that are used in images to index the work. Instagram hashtags are really helpful in the photography field.

Photographers should be master the skills of Instagram hashtags as it will increase engagement on their page.

Photographers can easily add relevant hashtags to their images and post the image on their page.

This Instagram hashtag is the keyword that Google detects to promote the content, in Instagram's case Instagram will detect and when anybody will search for that word your account will be shown.

Here are some guides to use it and you will enjoy reading this article and knowing it better.

1. Complete Information

how to create a hashtag on instagram

Before using the instagram hashtags for photographers one should have complete knowledge about the term. The steps to use it and what all hashtags can be more effective. Every time when one starts something new or familiar, one should spend some time researching the term. When one will have complete knowledge then the result will be great! So, first applying any hashtag have complete information about its use.


2. Target your Audience

how to add hashtags on instagram

After knowing about the Instagram hashtags, you have to make a plan for whichever audience you have to target. Targeting the audience will include hashtags. When someone is looking for some specific content then with the use of hashtags it can be discoverable. The content becomes automatically discoverable with the help of hashtags.


3. Searching Hashtags

After understanding the importance of hashtags you should figure out what hashtags are appropriate for your Instagram posts. Instagram is flooded with hashtags but not all the hashtags are appropriate. Among the millions of hashtags, we have to select the best ones for our posts.


4. You can track your hashtags with post insights

how to own a hashtag on instagram

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When you upload any post on Instagram you always want it to reach as many people. So that it can help you to increase your followers and you can earn own presence from this platform.  Doing a creative business on Instagram and promoting is really effective with the use of hashtags. you can easily track your insights and plan out your marketing trends to reach more and more people.

5. Follow hashtags on Instagram

You can easily follow different Instagram hashtags so that you could get known by more and more people. You can search hashtags according to your business or work, and select which have more followers and can benefit your brand than just follow them. If they will like your work they will follow you back or tag you in their post. Like this, your brand will slowly become big and known to people.


6. Clickable hashtags

how to create hashtag in instagram

Make sure whenever you are posting an image on your account the hashtags which you add are clickable so that when people click on them they can easily get on that particular account. The hashtags redirect the people to another account as well. You can add in Bio about your other brands through a clickable hashtag so that people can visit your other account and then follow you. When you insert a hashtag in your bio then the first thing people see is bio only. Then they can easily check your other accounts and follow your page.


7. Use hashtag in Instagram stories 

Another way to use hashtags is through stories. The story feature is introduced by Instagram from which you can easily make your story presentable and reach to more and more customers. Stories people see it quickly and they don’t take time as well. By clicking on the hashtag on the story anyone can easily get to another account.


How to Create Your Known Hashtags?

how to add hashtags to instagram post

To promote yourself you have to create your own hashtag. Creating your own hashtags will strengthen your reach to your audiences. Do you want a Tagline? Or Slogan? This is your Hashtag now!

Brainstorm it. You have to make a plan or a strategy and think of a unique name. Think of a potential name because you are representing your brand, and think of a short and sweet one-word name.

Research it. The next thing is that you have to research according to your brand. The hashtag should be related to your brand or your content.

Promote it. Then you have to promote these hashtags, by posting them on all social media platforms. Then promote it on your flyers or on all the visible platforms.

Monitor it. Monitor your hashtags, if someone is tagging you in their post through your hashtag then it is necessary to interact with them.

Hashtags DO's and Don't

how to do hashtags on instagram


Encourage Your audience to use your Hashtags: Encouraging your audiences to use your hashtags is a great way to promote your brand. Doing posts of your clients and then in return asking them to use your hashtags is the best way from which you can increase your brand reputation day by day.

Use Popular Hashtags: When you are doing research for the hashtags always choose those hashtags which are popular enough. Using hashtags which have great reach will help you in promoting your page.

Make Hashtags User-Friendly: Capitalization always help your audience to read your hashtags correctly. When your hashtags are starting from capital letters, it is read more correctly than using the small letters. 


No long Hashtags: Hashtags should be sweet and short! Long hashtags are never preferred. After using capital letters also, the customers find it difficult to read. If you are feeling that there is a need to write long letters then move it to the caption area.

Don't Hashtag #every word: Never put hashtags (#) in every word. Selecting hashtag has the criteria so that your audience will be increased. Those hashtags are used which have a certain amount of reach so that it can divert the audience to our page.

Don't Hashtag Unrelated Topics: Sometimes people use trending hashtags related to random topics to attract a large number of audiences. They succeed in doing so, but sometimes when customers are searching for certain topics and they land upon another. Then it causes some frustration among them. So always use hashtags that are related to your topic.


Finding the Best Hashtags for your Instagram account

1. Search for the correct audience

how to put hashtags on instagram

You have to first search for the correct audience and divide them into categories. What brand are you trying to promote the basis on that you have to target the audience. Which kind of people will be suitable for your brand or interested in your brand. It's necessary to search for the right audience first.


2. Know your competitors

You must do research upon your competitors as it will help you to search for the hashtags as well as you will know about the strategies which they use. Researching on the competitors will be helpful in your decision making and you will be able to learn from your mistakes. You will come to know about more hashtags which they use and which you can also use in your post. This will benefit you in your business.


3. Knowing leaders of the industry

how to search multiple hashtags on instagram

If you will follow the influencer people from the industry, it will benefit your brand. You will have to use the hashtags to follow them just then they will know that you are following them. They will go through your brand and give you benefit. Hashtags are really important to draw people’s attention and other brands' attention too.

Closure -

Always choose the best hashtags and follow these tips, so that your account spreads all over the world. Think well and plan your strategy according to it keeping in mind these steps. With these steps, you’ll be easily achieving your success.

For Photographers always keep in mind that our product SPYNE will always help you in creating your own hashtag and making your brand own to all.

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Written By - Shriya Tiwari on 15 Oct, 2018