How to Generate Referral Business Using SpyneShare?

How Photographers are using SPYNE-SHARE to Generate Referral Business?

From being a photo-sharing platform to India’s favorite business generation tool, SPYNE has come a long way. Photography partners of SPYNE have shared over 5 million-plus photographs with their clients in a span of just 6 months using SPYNESHARE. 

If one has to define SPYNESHARE, a product of SPYNE, in one sentence then “it’s an easy-to-use tech platform that helps photographers in generating high-quality referral leads through client photo sharing.”

The platform is designed in such a way that it promotes 2-5X business growth through its effective referral program. 

To get a better insight, one needs to understand what the platform is and how it works.


SPYNE and Lead Generation

At SPYNE, a photographer can upload and share projects with unlimited photos and videos. This means that through a single project, you can share unlimited photos with the clients without ever worrying about the storage space. 




The best part is that every album shared by the client to friends, family or attendees of the event captured, will bring you closure and closure to lead generation. 

Here’s how it works - 

SPYNE’s lead generation feature works in two layers. While the first layer involves capturing the details of potential leads while the second layer is about listing down the leads with the high conversion rate. 




Layer 1 - 

You upload a project on SPYNESHARE and you send it to the client for the selection process. With SPYNE’s real-time selection tracking feature, you put together the album and prepare it for final delivery. 

The private album that you share is password protected that can only be accessed by the client. And if the client chooses to share photos further with friends or family, they need to fill in their contact information. This way, you can capture the details of everyone who access your project.  

Layer 2 - 

If the client share photos with their friends or family or attendees of the event, it will also ask them if they are looking for similar services or not. Imagine if an album of one client gets distributed among 15-20 or maybe a 100 people, you will get at least 5-6 strong leads or inquiries. 

This means that 1 project you can bring in 10-20% business. So, if you take up 30-40 projects every year then the reference builder of SPYNE will increase your business by atleast 2-5X.


In simple words, SPYNE’s strong referral building feature can help in multiplying your business growth and ensuring a constant flow of customers.   

How is SPYNE different?

If you are wondering how SPYNE is different from other photo-sharing platforms then there are some things you must know:

1. With SPYNE, you can share pictures on project basis. This means that you have unlimited storage space which is not the case with other platforms like Dropbox and cloud sharing. 

Instead of going for premium services of such platforms, you can enjoy the unlimited photo and video sharing in a single project with SPYNE


2. Handling the data of one or two projects is fine but in the photography business, a professional handles more than 30 projects in a year. So, keeping a track of all the data including the list of clients, referrals and other things can be a task. 

Sharing with other platforms doesn’t give you enough resources to do all the tracking whereas, with SPYNE, you can track everything with the help of CRM.


3. The next feature that sets SPYNE apart from other platforms is its effective referral program. Every project that you share gets accompanied by a pop up that not only capture their details but also asks them directly whether they want such kind of service or not. Every yes will ensure a hard lead thus contributing to your business growth. 


4. Lastly, you won’t find the mandatory review section anywhere in the photo-sharing platforms. But with SPYNE, giving reviews becomes a mandate as clients have to give their feedback on your work in order to download their album. 



We, at SPYNE, have always worked towards solving the day-to-day problems of photographers and making the business management smooth for them. Whether it is managing the visual content or sharing it with the clients, do it with SPYNE because why put a limit to your business when you can skyrocket it. 

To take full advantage of SPYNE’s amazing features and grow your business then contact us at or call our experts at 011-66104020

Written By - Ramnish on 14 Feb, 2020