Google Drive vs SpyneShare: A Detailed Feature Comparison

Google Drive vs SpyneShare: A Detailed Feature Comparison

Are you a photographer looking for a perfect photo-sharing tool? Well, this small Google drive vs Spyshare comparison will give you just the answer that you need. 

Recently, the photo-sharing tool WeTransfer was in the news for being banned from Indian servers. This has left many businesses batting for other alternatives. Now there exists Google Drive that also lets a photographer share pictures easily. But just like WeTrasnfer, it lacks in functionality.

SpyneShare, on the other hand, has emerged as an ultimate photo-sharing tool that can help photographers in doing more than sharing. Before talking about how SpyneShare can contribute to business growth, here’s a feature comparison of Google Drive vs Spyneshare


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This feature comparison can give you the idea of how Google Drive and SpyneShare are different when it comes to photo sharing.

While Google Drive may sound like a convenient sharing option, there are some downsides that you can take away from the comparison above. 

1. Trouble sharing big files as you have to generate more links

2. No scope for branding

3. There is no way to know who opens your shared album

4. Lacks in generating business for a photographer

5. The editing tools are not as effective

6. Accessing large files can be inconvenient for the clients (big files require more than one link)

SpyneShare: A Business Generator Photo-Sharing Tool

SyneShare is one of the four products of Spyne. It is a photo-sharing platform that gives photographers access to seamless reference business and best-in-the-industry features to deliver to the clients smoothly and in no-time. 

In the comparison of Google Drive vs SpyneShare, here's something you should know about SpyneShare- 

1. Fast Photo Upload and Unlimited Sharing

SpyneShare dashboard provides fast album upload so that you can start sharing instantly via a link that opens through a unique username and password. 

google drive alternative

2. Know Who Accesses Your Album

Albums shared through SpynShare are efficient at capturing the data of those who access the files. If the client shares the album to their contacts, their information gets captured. this way you can target them through various marketing activities. 

3. Seamless Reference Business

Did we tell you that SpyneShare can help you generate 2-5X more reference leads? When the client shares the album to their friends and family using Spyneshare, their contacts get captured as potential leads.

google drive alternative

It also uses the right hooks to target those who might need your services thus giving your leads with a high conversion rate. To know more about Spyne lead generation, Sign up

4. Share Large Files Easily

SpyneShare allows you to share large size files with ease. No need to create multiple links. Just share all your photos through a single album anytime. 

google drive alternative

5. Multiple Sharing and Selection

You can also create an album and share it with multiple users for the selection process in order to deliver personalized albums to them. The best part is that you can track their selection in real-time. This feature works as a huge time-saver.

google drive alternative

Google Drive vs SpyneShare

It’s true that Google Drive is an effective tool to share your work with the clients. But it does lack in few functionalities that might inhibit the growth of a business, especially of a photographer. Spyneshare, on the other hand, offers a complete package along with free 5 GB unlimited data for a lifetime. 

Whether you want to use Google Drive or you want to use Spyneshare, it all depends on what your end goal as a business is. But if you want to know more about how photo sharing through SpyneShare can contribute to your brand’s growth, Sign up now. 

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Written By - Ramnish on 04 Jun, 2020