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20 Food Styling Tips For Incredible Food Photos

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What Is Food Styling?

Food Styling is an art through which you place and arrange your food and all the other elements that are present in the frame in such a manner that they look the most appealing in photos. 

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The whole idea of Food Styling is to enhance the look and feel of your Food Photography. But it is common for food to not look great in photos, but since that's as far as we can go with visual content, we need food styling to make the food look its best. 

What Is The Importance Of Food Styling?

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You have to assume that with your Food Images, you always leave your brand's impression with the viewer. And Food Styling is what makes sure that you leave a positive impression by making the food in your images look elegant. 

Even on online food ordering services, most of the time, we prefer to order the dishes that look better than the other in the images. Hence some simple yet powerful Food Styling Tips can help you boost your business. 

Some Effective Food Styling Tips!

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Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your food photography drastically. It's not always the camera or the lighting that can make your pictures look great. Hence, when we talk about food photography, you have to keep in mind the following pointer to get some mouth-watering food images.  

1. Use The Right Props 

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Props are so crucial that they can either make or break your photo. But with the right selection of props, you can make your images look great. Another great tip that you can try is using ingredients as props. 

2. Use Fabrics

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Most of the time, you can have different table cloths and other fabrics in the shoot, all you need to make sure is if they are the right colour or not. 

3. Stack Em' Up

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Be creative. In case you have cookies, you can also put them one over the other to get a picture out of the ordinary.

4. Add Depth By Using Wide Apertures

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By using a shallow depth, you can create artistic-looking images. This way, you can keep only the main subject in focus while blurring the background.

5. Get Inspirations For Instagram and Pinterest

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Instagram and Pinterest are 2 of the best places where you can go to get ideas and inspiration for your Food Photography. By looking at such images, you can surely figure out how you can make your photos just as compelling as those images. 

6. Make The Food Look Delicious and Appealing

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The whole point of food photography is to market your food as delicious. And here it doesn't matter if your food is actually delicious or not, it just needs to look that way. So do everything in your power, use all the means and make your food look mouth-watering. 

7. Use Plain Crockery

You should pick plates and crockery with muted colours. And this is due to the fact that bright or vibrant coloured utensils might take the viewer's attention away from the food. 

8. Messy Is Good

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Being messy in food photography is good. You can definitely let the melted cheese drip down into the plate. But aside from all this, you also need to make sure that the food is messy but never dirty. 

9. Choose Contrasting Backgrounds

Selecting a contrasting background helps you make your food pop and quickly get the viewer's attention. The whole combination looks very pleasing.

10. Do The Shoot With A Little Less Food

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You always have to remember that a little less food on a plate would always look better than a plate full of food. Hence when you are preparing the food, only use a little amount so that it looks neat and classy.

11. Choose The Right Angles

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Angles play a major role in every photography genre. And with food, you can try every angle from 0 to 90 degrees.  

12. Play Around With Your Food

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Playing around would give you a change in perspective, and it would also help you understand which side of the food looks best. 

13. Try And Tell A Story

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You can also use food to tell a story. Most people use a particular style of Food Photography to establish a brand image, and this is what you should try too. 

14. Prefer Natural Light

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Natural light is the best, and just like any other shoot, you should also try executing your food photography with the help of the sun.

15. Study The Colours In The Frame

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By seeing the color of the food, you need to pick out colors for each and every other element in the frame like the utensils, props and the background. 

16. Pick Matt Over Shiny 

Choosing matt crockery will always get you better results than those shiny and reflective plates. 

17. The Food Should Look Fresh

Fresh Food is one of the key aspects that makes it look mouth-watering. Hence, you need to understand that these shoots can last long at the time of preparing the food.  

18. Always Have Garnishes

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You can see garnishing as the cherry on the cake. And it always makes the food look great. 

19. Do Not Over Do It

Whether you are garnishing the food or using props in the background just make sure that you do not overdo it.  

20. Dig In A Little And Again Take Some Pictures

Taking a bite out of the food and then clicking its picture gives the viewer a whole new perspective. 



If you are a food blogger, then you have to remember that you are a photographer as well as a food stylist. Hence, this blog talks about everything you need to know as a beginner food stylist. 

For food photography, you always need to be prepared for everything. And that's why, in food photography, is it always advised to carry more than what you need. Plus, being prepared also helps you have a smooth workflow. So if you are looking for some more creative ideas, you also check out our other blog on Creative Food Photography.


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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 25 Sep, 2020