5 Reasons your Photography business needs Facial Recognition

5 Reasons your Photography business needs Facial Recognition

Is your hard drive filled with thousands of photographs from your last event? Are random people coming to you for their photographs but fear of losing potential clients is holding you back from turning them down? Well, these are among the many problems that a photographer has to face on a daily basis.


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But times are changing and so is the photography. Now, photographers are not relying on old-school techniques and methods to deliver alums to the clients, nor are they relying on customers for references. Believe it or not but Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in solving a ton of photographer’s problems. Among many features of Artificial Intelligence, there’s one that is making all the noise and is pretty much in trend right now. It is the Facial Recognition Feature.

If you have been on the internet, you must have seen those Face Detection apps that tell you how you will look when you’re old or young. Also, there’s the Google Photos that lets you label faces from your gallery for easy navigation. So, if you are a photographer then there are multiple reasons why you should take advantage of facial recognition in your business.

Five Reasons your Business Needs Facial Recognition

1. Ease of Photo Selection for Photographer


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The best part about facial recognition is that a photographer can easily navigate through a pool of thousands of photos and select the photos of a specific individual. This is especially useful when you have a client who is asking for his best photos.

If it was a corporate event or a marriage, your gallery gets consumed by so many different faces and finding the pictures of a specific client can be a task. This problem gets solved on its own when you have facial recognition.


2. Label Photographs


Label Photographs, Face Recognition

When you have facial recognition up your sleeve, you can select and label photographs. Now, this serves you on multiple occasions. Let’s say there were around more than 100 guests at a party but the important faces are just 10. For your own ease, you can select, label and keep those faces from the gallery. This saves your time and effort.


3. Super Beneficial for the customer

Now, this is true for those photographers who use AI-driven sharing tools. When your sharing tool is equipped with facial recognition feature and you share the entire gallery with the clients, it is up to the client to send the photos to the guests. Chances are the client doesn’t want to share the entire gallery with the guests. This is where the facial recognition feature comes for the rescue. Clients can easily select specific photos for specific guests and share them without having to share the entire gallery.


4. A Reference Builder

While covering an event, a photographer is approached by multiple guests who ask for their photos. But as a photographer, you click hundreds and thousands of photos. So serving all of them can sometimes seem impossible. This leads to losing out on potential customers. But if you have facial recognition, you can actually share photos with those guests on a personal level by creating individual galleries.


5. Because it’s in trend

In order to survive in any industry and sustain a clientele that looks up to you for your service, you have to be up to date with the trends. People do say that trends come and go but individuality lasts. Well, it’s true but not in this case. Artificial Intelligence is something that has revolutionized the tech industry. And facial recognition is one of the best examples of it.


Being a photographer is a full-time job where capturing the pictures is just 10% of the job. The rest 90% is where the actual business takes place. In order to increase your efficiency and rope in more customers, you have to work on that 90% of the business. Artificial Intelligence has actually paved the way for better opportunities and as a business owner, it is your call to make maximum use of a piece of technology that can benefit your business in the long term.


Facial Recognition | Spyne

Spyne offers a facial recognition feature that caters to the needs of photographers working in the creative industry. From creating personalized client galleries to instantly sharing them through a link over emails, Spyne improves your overall photo-sharing experience.

Here is a video to how you can use Spyne’s Facial Recognition Feature-



Build Continuous References with Spyne

Spyne’s facial recognition feature is a great way to build references without having to rely on the word-of-mouth of existing clients. The photo-sharing feature is equipped with a Chatbot. The work of a Chatbot is to respond to inquiries and represent your business on your behalf. So, whenever you share a personalized gallery, a Chatbot also goes with it.

When the client further shares the gallery with the attendees of the event or a friend or family, that gallery also has a Chatbot attached to it. So, this way, you can reach out to the maximum number of people. The more the shares, the better the reach. Photographers can enjoy maximum benefit from the facial recognition feature offered by Spyne.

When used efficiently, face recognition can really help you in expanding your business and make the whole business management a whole lot easier for you. It’s 2019 and the times were never this generous. So, we would suggest you make full use of it.

If you have any queries regarding facial recognition and its use for photographers contact us at www.spyne.ai or directly call us at 011-66104020.



Written By - Ramnish on 01 Oct, 2019