A Guide to Spyne’s Facial Recognition Feature

A Guide to Spyne’s Facial Recognition Feature

We, at Spyne, recently announced the upcoming launch of our new face-recognition feature. The feature that lets the photographers select and label photos from the pool of thousands of photos and create personalized galleries for clients. The best part is that using this facial recognition feature is no rocket science. One can use this feature with the utmost ease.


Here’s the step by step guide to using the Spyne’s facial recognition feature:


Guide to Facial Recognition, Spyne


Step 1. Upload the photographs from the event on the client’s gallery.

Step 2. The face detection will instantly do its work which is being backed by Artificial Intelligence, thus ensuring accuracy.

Step 3. Once the faces have been detected, they will appear on your screen. From there you can give a label to those faces. Also, clicking on those faces will show you all the photos of that person.

Step 4. Once the faces have been labeled (or not), you can create personalized galleries and send them directly via email.

Step 5. The client can also share the gallery further with friends or family by repeating the same procedure.


Check out this video for a better understanding of how Spyne’s facial recognition works-


How can facial recognition help you with business growth?

When we revealed this feature to top photographers, their first question was – how can this feature grow my business?

Well, the answer is very simple. Facial recognition is the AI trend of 2019 which is specifically introduced to make the life and business management of a photographer easy. Here are some points to back that statement.

1. With facial recognition, a photographer won’t have to scroll through the pool of thousands of photos in order to select a few images of an individual.

2. It can become a great reference builder as the photographer will be able to cater to the guests from an event and not just the client.

3. It also makes the work of clients easy as they usually don’t want to share the entire gallery of 2000+ photos with the attendees. With Spyne’s facial recognition feature, they can just create personalized galleries and send them to the attendees on a more individual level.

4. The personalized gallery is equipped with a personalized Chatbot which works as a continuous reference builder. This way, you can reach your potential client with every re-share of the album.


In order to know about Spyne’s facial recognition and its uses, visit our website www.Spyne.ai or directly contact our experts on 011-66104020.

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Written By - Ramnish on 18 Sep, 2019