Tips To Engage Your Audience With Online Forum and Live Chat

Best Ways To Engage Your Audience With Online Forums and Live Chat

Live chats and online forums have become an ideal place to interact with your clients or business partners. It’s the best way to offer your clients prompt and quick real-time answers and update them on any new information almost instantly. If you are a business owner trying to understand how to engage the audience on your website, then live chats and online forums are your answers!
It’s also been a known fact that customer’s like chatting live or on online forms rather than call the company for any query or help.
Below are some of the ways on how to engage the audience on your website through online forums and live chats:


Online Forum and Live Chat


1) Make them a part of the conversation – Let them talk to you as much as you are talking to them. Take their opinions, suggestions, discuss and let the audience know that their presence matters and is appreciated.

2) Do not ask “yes or no” questions – They end conversations easily. If the guests will answer in yes or no, then they will not be able to provide more useful information. Try to ask open-ended questions, however, if you have to ask a yes or no question, be sure to add a follow up question of why or why not.

3) Conduct polls – They are the easiest way to engage the audience on a live chat or on an online forum. They do not require the audience to know a lot and yet are enough to engage the audience in a conversation or a discussion.

4) Use the responses to stimulate more questions - once the “discussion” like atmosphere has been created, turn the answers from one question into several questions. This makes sure that there is no monotony and the flow of discussion also keeps changing.

5) Hold a quiz or a fun game – Conduct a quiz and let the winner have a gift. This gives the audience an incentive to show up and participate for the live chats or on online forums and stay active and engaged.

6) Use humour - Crack some good jokes and some poor jokes (pj’s). Nothing engages or attracts the audience like humour.


Online Forum and Live Chat

The live chat and the online forum are an imperative tool to keep your audience engaged, even on your website. When the audience is engaged with the live chat and online forum, there are fewer tendencies to leave and the audience is more likely to reply to what you have to say or ask. You must take full advantage of the live chat and online forum by asking a lot of questions, stimulating discussion, responding to any query, and conducting polls. If you make your guests feel like they’re part of the live chat or online forum, they’re more likely to engage more and become a part of your customer base.

Written By - Spynelab on 10 May, 2019