Ecommerce Marketing - 5 Effective Strategies To Drive Sales

Ecommerce Marketing - 5 Effective Strategies To Drive Sales

Whether you're a small fashion boutique or a large apparel store, every online brand needs to create an ecommerce marketing strategy that will help them improve their online visibility, branding, and promotions, and eventually with the revenue. ecommerce marketing

With high-street store closing and moving to the digital world and small fashion stores creating stunning websites, the online presence is a must for any business post-COVID19 era. It has truly changed the way people shop, and in this regard, e-commerce stores have to start creating unique online branding and visibility. 

Now, when we talk about ecommerce content marketing, it includes all the spaces such as your website, a marketplace where you sell, and your social channels, etc where you need a strategy for everything. 

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Shoppers are intelligent, leaving no choice for brands to be super intelligent to offer what customers and prospects would like to see. 

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In this guide, we will tell you in detail about how to improve your e-commerce content and tips that will help you market your brand the right way. The blog will also go in detail about using the right practices to promote your brand and drive more traffic to your online store.

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, you must leverage technology as much as possible to upsell your products and services. Whether it is integrating social networking sites to your website, or simply collaborating with tech-driven studios for quality and consistent shoots, tech is inevitable for the brand's muscular growth.


Here are our curated top 5 Ecommerce marketing strategies for your store.

1. Focus on your brand

2. Create a stunning website

3. Create engaging content

4. Invest in quality product images

5. Leverage social media(marketplace)

1. Keep Your Brand First

Create your brand around the products or services you offer. Doing so can be rewarding in the long haul. With a plethora of shopping options available for buyers, build your brand in a way buyers can relate to it, take inspiration from it, and stay on the top of their minds.

Building a brand will include:

- Your offerings

- Visual persona (logo, colors, design)

- Brand positioning (eco-friendly, vegan, animal-friendly, high-end, luxury, etc)

- A perfect website copy

2. Create A Stunning Website

If you want your visitors to think that you're the best for what you do, then having a stunning yet mobile-friendly website is inevitable for your brand. It allows your customers to browse through your product offerings easily. A website allows your shoppers to make an online purchase or at least explore diverse products available on your product inventory.

Most of the traffic coming to a website comes from a mobile phone user. According to a study by Google, over 60% of visitors say that they are likely to leave the website if it isn't mobile-friendly. 

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You should also make sure to optimize the e-commerce website that enables you to convert your visitor into a customer (or at least entice them to take an action). Optimization will help you improve the feel and speed of the site and optimization is one of the key e commerce marketing strategies. 

A well-designed website gives a shopper confidence boost to shop from your store. Read these seven killer ways to optimize your e-commerce website for SEO and conversions.

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3. Create Engaging Content

Content is the King. Great content always wins and brings you high conversions. To write great content for your website, research about the topic, your buyer persona, and the demographics. Write blogs for your website to promote your products and services. 

To attract huge organic traffic to your website, you can write on specific keywords that can help you improve your branding, visibility, and conversions (use long-tail keywords to improve the flow of leads and conversions). Explore and adopt various content marketing trends such as video content, UGC, Podcast, etc can help you improve the website conversions easily. 

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4. Invest In Quality Product Images

It's true that we always find well-presented food tasty without actually tasting it. There's compelling evidence that high-quality product images help businesses to grow faster. It allows them to attract, compel, and entice customers towards their products, given they have large and zoomable images. 

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Regardless of what you sell, you should make sure that all of your products have large images. High-quality images not only improve conversions but also cuts down return rates by over 22%. Are you tight on budget? Know that you can turn your average photos into professional-looking photos.

Need high-quality shoot in bulk? Spyne, a tech-driven on-demand photography and editing studio helps you fulfil all your visual content needs with 99.9% consistency. Spyne studios help you save 30% of your costs and more than half of your time in getting shoots done. 

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Besides, video is a game-changer for businesses. To your surprise, a Facebook executive has predicted that the networking platform will be all video by 2021, no text. Use videos to improve user engagement on your website. Videos enable your visitor to stay longer on the website, eventually, improving the site's SERP.

5 Leverage Social Media

Social media is the best way to ace your e commerce marketing. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and LinkedIn should be the core networking sites that your must be taking care of. Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways for a business to upsell the products and create winning online visibility free of cost. 

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With over 500 mn daily active users on Instagram, the photo-sharing app is one of the growing apps, that allows you to connect with customers, influencers, and brands easily.

Integrate Instagram and Facebook accounts to your website and start selling from these social apps. Don't have a website? Don't worry, read this ultimate guide to sell on Instagram (even if you don't have a website). Use compelling photos, right hashtags to reach out to millions of Instagram users.  

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What are some ways to engage with your followers on Instagram? You may try running content, encourage your customers to create UGC, or show your customers some behind the scenes to build a strong bond among each other. Leverage Facebook and Instagram stories for e commerce marketing. It gives your visitors a direct path to purchase. 

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 18 Jul, 2020