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Capture Stunning Footwear Images With This Step-By-Step DIY Footwear Photography Guide

Your Shoe Photography plays a huge role in uplifting your brand in the long run. Not only it helps you spread your name, but you can also communicate with your audience with the visual content you have. But to get those detailed oriented footwear images, you need a professional photo shoot. And since you are here reading this, you have made up your mind of going In-House With Your Footwear Photography. We here at Spyne have become an essential part of the Commercial Photography Industry after doing hundreds of such shoots ourselves. And today we are here with a step by step guide through which you will easily be able to execute your DIY Footwear Photography.

A Step-By-Step Guide For Your DIY Footwear Photoshoot

In this blog, we will be talking about a series of tips and tricks that will help you seamlessly step up your DIY Footwear Photography game. So stay tuned as this step by step guide help you drastically improve your Footwear Photography.

1. Prepare Your Shoes

It might not have come as a surprise to you, but cleaning and preparing your shoe is one of the first things you have to do for your DIY Footwear Photography. Before the shoot, you need to make sure that you have all the right equipment to make your shoes look presentable. This equipment may include brushes, clothes and anything that makes your footwear look clean and shiny. The reason this is important is that you do not want to capture any dust or dirt in the picture, as it will be difficult to remove in post-production. So it's better to get rid of all such elements before the shoot itself. You also might need scissors so that you can cut off any loose threads coming out of the shoe.

Most of the shoes also lose their shape when they are not worn. So to fix that, you can use some tissues and stuff them inside the shoe so that they retain their shape. You can also use canned air for a last clean before you actually start shooting.

2. Set Up Lighting

Whenever you are shooting footwear, your goal, in terms of lighting, has to be to evenly distribute the light in such a way that no part of the shoe is either overexposed or underexposed. And for this, there are many lightboxes available that you can buy from the internet. But you can always go for something more conventional like Three Point Lighting. Three-Point Lighting is one of the best lighting setups that you can use for most commercial photoshoot

The best way to adjust and fine-tune your lights is by putting everything in place. This way, you can see what part of your shoe is not getting much light and which part is reflecting a lot due to the harsh light. You can use reflectors to simultaneously get rid of the overexposed areas and the underexposed shadows.

3. Understand Your Camera and Lens Settings

First and foremost, you have to make sure that the f/stop you are using is perfect for the shot that you have in mind. Generally, commercial photography is about showcasing a product, not artistic skill. Hence you should choose a higher f/stop (Somewhere around f/10) so that your footwear is completely in focus. This also helps you highlight the details of the shoe, like its material.

It is also important for you to choose a lens that has a focal length of 50mm or above. And this is because any lens that has a focal length of less than 50mm can distort the look of your shoes. What we are talking about is the very common fish eye effect that we get to witness with most of the wide field of view lenses. 

You will also need a Tripod for the shoot so that you can have the ability to use slower shutter speed. And clicking the images with slower shutter speeds further enables us to use a lower ISO, which roughly translates to a Higher Quality Image. 


4. Choose Effective Angles

Shooting Footwear is all about the angles, and due to this, you have to choose some of the most effective angles that properly illustrate your footwear. The angles you choose need to show all the sides and details of the shoe that your buyer might want to see.

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Of course, the angles for your shoot are completely up to you, but still, there are some key angles that tend to work with every footwear like The Side Profile, The Three Qualters, The Back Three Quarters, The Front and The Top etc.

5. Post Process Your Images

Last but not least, you have to post-process your footwear images keeping in mind what you plan on doing with them. If these images are going straight to your website, then it is completely your call how you want to edit them and how the final image should look. But if you are planning to push your product online to eCommerce sites, then you have to edit and retouch them on the basis of all the guidelines from that marketplace. 

No matter the destination, we here at Spyne would always encourage you to click the images in RAW format so that you have much more flexibility and freedom at the time you are sitting on your editing desk. 

Hence these were the 5 Steps through which you can easily shoot some great Commercial Footwear Image on your own, and if you are looking for some more ideas and inspiration, you should definitely go and check out our latest Blog Ideas and Inspirations for Shoe Photography.

But if you are someone who does not possess a camera and the professional editing skills to come up with some great commercial images, we here at Spyne might have something for you, which enables businesses and sellers to click their own eCommerce Image with just their mobile phones.

The app lets you select the product category that you are shooting and also the marketplace on which you are planning to push the product so that we here a Spyne can make all the images compliant with the marketplace(s) of your choosing. 

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With Preview Images and Ghost Overlays, SpyneCliq guides you through the whole shoot so that you can click some professional-looking images even if you do not have the training. With SpyneCliq, you can get proper eCommerce images at only a fraction of the price. So if you are someone who is planning to sell your footwear online, then you definitely have to try out SpyneCliq. 

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 16 Sep, 2020