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Different Ways To Build Customer Loyalty To Your Brand

It is important for brands to understand that customer loyalty is extremely important. It’s the customer’s loyalty that keeps them coming back to your business and they come back for the product or the service being offered regardless of the price change.
Customer loyalty is built easily when what you have to offer is of good quality and when it is sold politely and with a “customer is always right” attitude. As much as a business likes to have new customers, it is a known fact that it’s more difficult to attract new customers than to have loyal customer’s keep coming back.
There are different ways for a business to keep its customer loyalty game strong. However, some important ones are:

Customer loyalty

1) Keep regular communication - In order to obtain customer loyalty, the brand must not forget them or let them forget about the business. Friendly reminders, greetings and useful information can be sent to them through SMS or emails.

2) Give loyal customer’s extra benefit and perks - A good way to reward customer loyalty is by giving them special discounts/offers. Set up a reward programme and give them the privilege of earning more points by giving them a head start by crediting some points in their loyalty programme, this not only adds up to customer loyalty but also gives the customer an incentive to make repeat purchases.

3) Give an excellent customer service - This may seem obvious but not enough emphasis can be given to the fact that customers like coming back to places where they are treated properly. It is an important factor, which contributes to customer loyalty. Customers retain where and when they are treated well. They also have a higher tendency to talk about your business among friends or family, indirectly promoting your brand through word of mouth.

Customer service

4) Get back to their query/complaint - To gain customer loyalty, their complaint or query must be attended with all seriousness. If their query requires an action to be taken, then it must be done quickly.

5) Let the customer’s know what all is being done for them – While it is not good to brag about your business all the time in front of customer’s, it is alright to brag once a month in your monthly newspaper or on social media platforms. Let the customer’s know how the brand is going out of its way to satisfy customer needs. Attach testimonials of happy customers as to how the product/service that your brand offers has impacted their life or how they feel about the brand. This helps in increasing customer loyalty, by reading good things about the brand; they will want to come back to it repeatedly.

6) Engage with the customers - to build customer loyalty, it is important for a brand to know them. Talk to your customers and let them talk to you. Observe them while they are in the store or observe their purchase pattern online. Let them know that you care for them and that their choices are being looked after.
All of the above will ensure that your brand is able to build a solid customer loyalty base!

Written By - Spynelab on 10 May, 2019