Here are Some Creative Trends of 2020 (Updated!)

Here are Some Creative Trends of 2020 (Updated!)

In 2016, a number of creative editing trends emerged and made it easy for us to enhance aesthetics in our pictures. There are several editing effects that became popular in 2019 and made their way into this year. Some of those effects include the glitter filter and the pain stroke filter. While there were new effects storming in, there were some effects that brought the 80s back. Yes, Vintage style effects have become surprisingly popular with time. 

So, if you are looking for some creative trends of image editing for 2020 then you can check out the ones mentioned below - 


1. The liquid design

You must have seen this element in those modern art music videos. It’s where the liquid-like element flows out of the model’s eyes or mouth. This is a common sight in portrait photography or videos where a model is surrounded by solid colors while a liquid-like element surrounds them or comes out of them. This is usually the work of excellent animation. 


2. Gradients

As we can already see, gradients have made a huge comeback in 2020. This design trend is clearly visible in apps and website UIs. This creative trend has taken a new form which exhibits bolder features and a more “attractive” approach. 


3. Solid colors

Unlike the recent trend of lowkey colors and not so high contrast, this trend is about using bold solid colors. This color design is supposed to stay for longer. 


4. 3D Elements

When it comes to adding elements, it is either 2 dimensional or 3. This year, it is a beautiful blend of both of them as a beautiful sphere. 

Such kind of blend in elements can be seen in graphic design. 


5. Neon elements

Now, this is another creative trend that has made a comeback after a few years. The neon elements are an illustration that usually backs hot topics. It could be a web series like Riverdale or stranger things. Or it could be for a music video.


6. Mixed patterns

You must have seen these mixed patters consisting of straight lines, dots, leafy design etc. This kind of blend provides a calming effect and works amazingly well on social media websites like Instagram. 


7. Paint strokes and glitters

This one is widely popular on Instagram for selfies and portraits and is actually used by a large community that expresses itself through this filter in 2020. 

This can be used to show the artistic side and it can also be used to show the glam and glitz. These filters are really popular due to being so eye-catching. 


8. Retro-Vibe Elements

This old-school film filter adds a retro element to pictures. This is another creative trend that has made a comeback in 2020. It brings back the 80s vibe by adding a vintage element and turn your regular picture into an old-school picture. 



There are a lot more trends that might be making come back this year. The ones mentioned above have already made their appearance in one of the other places. But it is expected that we will get to see more creative trends in the coming months. So, stay tuned to know about more trends with SPYNE. 

Written By - Ramnish on 28 May, 2020