7 Content Marketing Trends You Should Not Underestimate

7 Content Marketing Trends You Should Not Underestimate

Whether you want to create your content marketing strategy or redesign your existing one for your business, here are 7 content marketing trends you must know.

1. Video Content

2. UGC

3. AR-Visuals

4. Google Snippets

5. Voice

6. Podcast

7. No More Random Content


Content marketing and SEO will touch some high notes as we move towards the future of creating more helpful, useful, technically amazing content that fulfills the search needs and preferences of a user. 

Content marketing is no longer an experiment but a proven strategy for brands to produce and fulfill the needs of your audience. It's all about creating relevant and value-driven content to drive conversions (action on your CTAs). Eventually, converting your visitors into customers. 

Now, how will you improve the conversion rate of your business, will be determined by the content marketing trends you adopt. In this blog, we'll tell you 7 content marketing trends that you must adopt in your content marketing strategy. 

Content Marketing Trend

Content Marketing Trend 1: Video Content

Most of the brands have realized that video is the next big thing to drive more conversions. Even Facebook's Mark Zukerberg believes so. Videos are the most effective and key elements in marketing, which human brains find more engaging and easily retainable.

According to Insivia, viewers retain 95% of a message, given that they watch it through a video - compared to only 10% when they read the same message in the form of text. With marketers trying to hit the psyche of potential clients, online video content volume has increased exponentially. 

Content Marketing Trend

Here's why you should focus on video content

  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms over television. (Google)
  • After Google, a video streaming platform, YouTube, is the most popular website. (Alexa)
  • 72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through video. (Hubspot)
  • To your surprise, Facebook's executive predicted that by 2021 their platform will be all video, no text. (Quartz)
  • Over 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. (Hubspot
  • 62% of people are likely to a product after they see it in a Facebook story. (Marketing Land)
  • Users watch 10 billion videos on Snapchat every day. (Mashable)
  • Using a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)
  • By 2021, about 82% of internet traffic is expected to be video. (Cisco)
  • 64% of customers are likely to purchase seeing videos on social channels. (Tubular Insights)
  • Over 90% of marketers use videos. (SingleGrain)
  • Including video in your emails may boost click rates by 300%. (HubSpot)

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Content Marketing Trend

Content Marketing Trend 2: UGC

User-Generated Content is any content (text, images, videos, reviews, etc) that's created by people, rather than businesses or brands. If your products or services are commendable, you'll be appreciated with UGC by your customers. It also depends on how you encourage your users or followers to create UGC on your brand. 

The authenticity of UGC not only engages your customers or prospects but also allows you to create more content with fewer resources and time. 

content trends 2020, content marketing trend

3 key reasons why UGC is key to your marketing strategy

Promote authenticity

According to Businesswire, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to belive that UGC is more authentic than the content created by brands. It boosts the important credibility of brands. 


Trust is everything if you want a lifetime customer. No matter what you sell, modern buyers would want to know what they'll get before making any purchase. About 92% of customers trust the recommendations from the people known to them, and 70% rely on customer reviews online.

Drive Conversions

UGC is a direct promotion for your customer, which could impact the buying decision of your prospects or clients. About 80% of people say UGC has a great impact on their buying decision. So, the tip is to encourage your customers to produce UGC for your brand. 

content trends 2020, content marketing trend

Content Marketing Trend 3: AR-Powered Visuals

Many platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram offer augmented reality filters, which users love to use. The filers can allow users to beautify their selfies, place flower-crown on their head, or give themselves a puppy dog tongue, ears, and nose. 

Snapchat also allows your brands to create branded AR filters and lenses to promote your social media. Taco Bell's branded lens on Snapchat received over 224 million views, making it app's top campaign in its history.

Deep dive into how brands can leverage AR and VR filters social media. 

content trends 2020, content marketing trend

Content Marketing Trend 4: Google Snippets

Now, your writing needs a style to rank on the SERP! 

Snippets are a brief selection of sentences that appears on the top of Google's search results page - answering the searchers' query. This position is above all other results and also referred to as "Position #0" as it appears above the usual #1 spot. 

It is the spot that provides exact and satisfying information very quickly and that's where every brand aims to be. 

Since it is a featured spot, people tend to click the link with snippets to read more, therefore, driving a huge amount of traffic to the website. Google's Featured Snippet is a new way to generate leads and boost organic traffic. So, make sure that your content has a style. Optimize your content so that it gets featured in the feature snippets.

Make sure it is crisp, brief, and has all the necessary information and relevant hashtags. A Featured Snippet, according to Search Engine Land,gets about 8% of all clicks.

 content trends 2020, content marketing trend

Content Marketing Trend 5: Voice

Last year, the adoption of smart speakers grew by 38.9% in the United States and nearly 90 million adults have smart speakers. However, a study suggests that the adoption of smart speaks is also growing in India.

With AI-powered assistants like Siri and Alexa, voice searches are continuously growing. Also, there is a lot of talk about the rise of voice-activated content. Soon, it will be a significant part or even dominate the content marketing. The point is to make your content easily available for the people doing these types of searches. Simply, create the content for voice searches - the way you speak - simple and appealing. Write as if you're answering a query.  

Content Marketing Trend 6: Podcast

According to Forbes, podcast listeners are more likely to finish the episodes of their favorite shows - and has proved to boost the engagement with the brand.

As voice-searches, podcasts are taking up the pace again and are believed to be one of the most popular content marketing trends in the coming years. 

Podcasts are easy and convenient. people tend to listen to podcasts while driving, walking, or even before going to bed. Businesses are creating podcasts by starring their top leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs. These experts discuss various issues related to the industry they are part of, current happenings, market trends, and more. 

content trends 2020, content marketing trend

It's a great way to improve your social channels like YouTube. You can also create your podcast with your marketers where you could talk about tips or the current situation on how brands can survive in times of crisis, etc. 

Think, when you ask your Alexa device or Google Home about how BMI is calculated, and instead of a generic reply in a monotone voice, you will get a brief podcast explaining the concept in detail.

content trends 2020, content marketing trend

Content Marketing Trend 7: No More Random Content

Creating effective and Convert-able content is inevitable for any business. So, it is high time to consider a content marketing strategy that provides specific value to your audience. 

It's not just what you want readers to read, it is providing what readers like to read in your industry. Marketers understand that it's value-based content that wins SERPs with readers. 

content marketing trend 2020

- You need a better understanding of what your audience needs from search results for a specific keyword.

- Tailor your writing according to your audience, and keep the brand's style and tone consistent.

- Deep research and latest stats and data from authentic sources.

- Use high-quality visuals such as imagery, videos, custom blog images, etc to make your content more relevant and engaging. 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 05 Jun, 2020