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Follow These 4-Easy Steps To Get Mouth-Watering Food Photos With Just Your Phone

Doesn't matter if you're a food blogger or a restaurant owner, either way, you need great food photos from time to time to show people for your brand recognition. The only difference is that food bloggers might need food images to post on their social media handle, and Restaurant Owners need to use professional food images in their menus for Online Food Ordering Services like FoodPanda and Swiggy. 

Hence, seeing today's scenario where professional photography is a must for every food business, we here at Spyne have developed a new app called SpyneCliq. As a DIY Photoshoot app, SpyneCliq lets you use the full potential of your phone's camera by providing you with a whole new user interface with which you can click professional food images with just your phone. 

And we at Spyne understand that it is not something revolutionary to click food images with your phone since our phone cameras are getting better by the day and food bloggers have been using their phones to click food images for some time now. However, this has not really been the ideal practice for the food business since they have to follow a lot more rules and guidelines for their images to get featured on Online Food Ordering Services. And that is where SpyneCliq comes in. The app not only lets you click professional-looking food images with your phone, but it also enables you to submit the photos for studio-grade editing. 

No matter how great your food photos might look right out of the phone, they need to go through professional editing to meet all the requirements for the targeted online sites. 

So to get Professional Food Images from SpyneCliq, all you need to do is follow this easy 4 Step Process. Here is what all you need to do to get the right visual content for your food business.

Step 1: Select Your Product

To start off the shoot, you need to choose the product category you are planning to click today. And since you are doing a food shoot, you can select "Food and Restaurant" in Category and "Dish" or "Beverage" in Product.

Step 2: Select The Marketplace

After selecting the category and the product, now you have to choose the online marketplace(s) on which you are planning to use your food photos. It is a crucial step since we at Spyne edit, retouch and upscale your images according to the marketplaces that you choose here. This way, all the photos that we deliver are entirely compliant with the sites of your choosing.

Step 3: Start Shooting

With the app's latest feature, Ghost Overlay Effect, you will be able to execute the shoot seamlessly even if you are not well versed with photography. All you need to do is align your food plate with the shadow that you see on your mobile's screen. This way, you end up with great images clicked with the right distance and angles. 

Step 4: Submit Your Images for Editing

As we said, you can submit your photos at the end of the shoot so that we at Spyne can make your images look professional using our AI Image Editing Techniques. 

Hence these 4-easy steps, you can get the right visual content for your listing in the most convenient way possible. Using SpyneCliq every time you need professional images can save you a lot of time and resources. 

So if you need some mouth-watering food images for websites like Swiggy and FoodPanda, you should definitely Try SpyneCliq

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 07 Oct, 2020