Case Study: How Spyne Helped Home Decor And Furnishing Brands With Quality Images

Case Study: How Spyne Helped Home Decor And Furnishing Brands With Quality Images

How these home decor and furnishing clients are able to provide eye-catching images to their clients in India and abroad.


Anyone who has ever had to shop for furniture, arts, or handicraft items, is perfectly aware of the time and efforts it takes to select the perfect furniture or an art piece that fits the need. But the question is if you are browsing these products online, what makes you think it is the perfect one?

Well, it is not just the product itself but the product image in the first place. 

Sellers, who try to expand their brand image and operations always try to make their product listings stand out. They endeavour to provide a virtual-driven realistic experience to the customers coming to their website or marketplace listings.

Home Decor And Furnishing Brands

This what specialized manufacturer and exporter of handicrafts and furniture, Shambhav Arts & Exports, knows better than most. 

Shambhav Art & Exports is a handicraft and furniture manufacturing unit of the Parshva Group based out in Jodhpur. With a presence in all the cities of India and India, the company also has a presence across the US, Turkey, Germany, Colombia, Israel, Europe, and the Middle East. As one of the unique companies, they knew that they have to provide high-quality images of their products to their customers from all over the world.

Not just that, there are other similar companies that were specifically looking for certain elements and Spyne was the one-stop solution for all of their needs. They didn’t have to go to three different vendors to get high-quality photoshoot done, the 3D creation and rendering, and the post-production. 

These clients were looking to improve their image product listings on their website and other channels. They tied up with Spyne to achieve this target through high-quality images and 3d lifestyle rendering.


The shoot for heavy-duty products like furniture was done at the clients’ warehouse, and for some products, the shoot was executed at our SpyneStudio in Mumbai. 

There were three aspects in this project and each one of them was as important as any other. Having specialization in all three aspects, Spyne was successful in delivering quality images on time. 

Product photography

Spyne being one of the top on-demand photography companies that are driven by AI- technology and having tech tools for 3D rendering and post-production, we were able to fulfil all of their needs in one place. 

There were a lot of challenges that we faced to shoot the furniture items in the warehouse. From taking care of finding the best angles possible to get the lighting correct, yet our meticulous team was able to produce great results. 

When it comes to heavy-duty items like beds, sofas, cupboards, etc, finding the right angles becomes difficult. Spyne was able to produce quality results by shooting the furniture items from the right angle - conveying the product size, look, and shine. 

Size, shape, and finishing matters a lot when it comes to purchasing furniture items. Pictures should be clear to showcase all these elements clearly, if done correctly, it can cut down returns by 22%. 

Similarly, lighting in the warehouses is not always up to the mark and it was the biggest challenge that needed to be addressed. Given the less space, huge and heavy products, we had to prepare our mini studio in the clients’ warehouse itself. Setting lights the right way - so that the shine and colour of the wooden items are not compromised in the photoshoots. 

The products that were to be photographed included the bedroom furniture, dining and kitchen furniture, living room furniture, storage furniture, bookshelves, bar units, coffee tables, stools and stands, sideboards and chests, trunks, bedsides, cabinets, handicraft items, swings, etc.

Editing of the images 

Spyne is an all in one solution for all kinds of businesses looking for any kind of product shoot, image editing, and 3D rendering. Spyne’s AI-based fully automated image editing software helped these businesses get images edited at a 67% faster pace and at a 30% lower cost. 

Besides, these clients had not to look for any other vendor to outsource image editing. Spyne helped them with bulk image editing as per the marketplace guidelines at a faster turnaround time.

Lifestyle Imagery Creation

If you have had to shop for a bookshelf or, say, a coffee table for your living room, you will be looking for all the possible options to fulfil your need. With lifestyle imagery creation and 3D rendering, we put the items in action or in a styled scene to demonstrate the actual purpose of the product or how a customer can use it. 

This is done to help customers imagine how would the coffee table look in their living room. It not only allows customers to imagine it virtually but also drives them to make a purchase. 

With improving image quality and seamless, end-to-end automated shoot management these clients have found a shooting partner to meet their demanding requirements. As the shoots are completed and delivered, their company websites feature more and more high-quality images, helping them to sell their product faster. 

We have also helped many other clients in making their shoot management and post product hassle-free. Check out how we helped Bigbasket with quality visuals of their new product lines such as meat, fish, and chicken.

You can also check out our Jewellery case study, and learn how Spyne can help you scale up your quality visual content production. Explore here. 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 05 Sep, 2020