What next? How to boost retail footfall in a post COVID19 world

What next? How to boost retail footfall in a post COVID19 world

With COVID19 disrupting the way people around the world live and altering the way people shop, has dramatically affected the businesses across the industries. Customers entering retail stores encounter people wearing masks, donning gloves, and some adamant that "they won't catch it."

However, this pandemic has decreased the consumer footfall of the retail stores, pushing them to move digital due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

According to a study done by Shopkick, the virus has changed the behavior of most of the consumers and some are apprehensive to throng stores again. 

The study also reveals that 60% of the shoppers are reluctant to shop in the stores; Over 85%, among surveyed, are taking precautionary measures such as using masks and gloves, shopping at less crowded places, avoiding shopping at peak hours and using self-checkout. 

With the 'unlocking' of lockdown happening in many parts of the country, online retailers have got the upper hand in resuming the business quickly. Even, many of them were not as affected as offline retail stores.


What Next? 


The pandemic has left many businesses wondering about the question if the pre-COVID situation would return. But, it is clear that the world won't be the same. 

This unpredictable virus has created a debacle for many businesses and made it difficult for some to survive. So, here are a few ways that can help you boost the footfall to your retail store.


Just Create Your Website

This is the high time for you to create a website for your business. Allow your users and customers to shop from your online store or at least help them book an appointment digitally before coming to your offline store. 

Creating a website will help you in creating a new online presence, reach out to your new potential clientele, and attract new customers. Honestly, most of the shoppers will choose your website over your store because they don't have to move out of their bed, they don't have to spend a lot of time and money to reach to your store. Shoppers don't have to worry about the timings because online stores are open 24*7.


Having a website will help you by offering the best of the services. It'll help your customers in:



Saving Time


Offer pre-arranged appointments

To leverage the current situation, most of the retailers are offering pre-arranged appointments to the customers to book the best time slot. These customers visit the store hassle-free without having to wait in a long queue or dangerous parking areas with the pre-booked time slots. Customers go to the website, check the availability of the item, book a 15-minute slot, come to the store, take care of business, and leave the store. These pre-arrange time slots eliminate the risk of spreading diseases.   

Similarly, for food, customers can go to the website to pre-order food and takeaway from the store without having to jumble.

Re-position your merchandise

With most of the brand leveraging the current slowdown to create the essentials to scale their business. However, every retailer can not sell facemasks, hand sanitizers or hand rubs, and other products. Your business can still be relevant if you position your products correctly. 

Figure out the ways to market your products as per the need and wants of shoppers. In case, if you sell clothing, you can market your products or say loungewear to use while people work from home.

This was done by Nike when it sent an email, recently. The email subject was "Style your downtime" and it featured a product that you can wear during the time at home with comfort.

Give Health and Safety a priority 

If you want your visitors or customer to come to your store, you must make them feel safe by taking care of the safety at the store. 

With your customers, you should also make sure your staff is completely safe and healthy, ensure they limit the physical contact, and follow proper guidelines while dealing with the clients.

It is also imperative to sanitize your shop and the products properly, provide protective equipment to your staff (facemask and gloves are a must), and make sure to increase the availability of hand rubs and wipes.

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 15 Jul, 2020